How to Take More Artistic Photos with Your Smartphone

I am so thrilled to share with you the exciting news! Partnering with Big Picture Classes and their wonderful community, I have created a course to teach you how to take more artistic photos with your smartphone! Cue ALL the emotions as this was a true labor of love during a crazy time last year as I worked to develop it.

Want to catch a peek into what to expect? Click just below to enjoy the class trailer!

While there will be big things coming this year for my own educational series, Documenting the Everyday, I am so incredibly honored to join with Big Picture Classes and their community. And to be able to begin 2020 in sharing my heart and passion in documenting our stories and lives, well, there really isn’t a better thing I don’t think.

Classroom doors open on January 15th! You can sign up for a free trial with Big Picture Classes to catch my class and enjoy more of what Big Picture Classes has to offer!




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