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A Father’s Day Gift Idea and Tradition

June 1, 2018

Family Life, Holidays

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This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

I still remember to this day as a kid on any number of holidays – Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, my mother’s birthday – seeing a greeting card propped up on the kitchen counter that my Dad would leave behind in the early morning hours before heading to the office.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

The card was always something humorous of course because my Dad loved a good laugh and I would always peak inside to see what kind of love note he would leave her and while it was always one simple phrase of endearment (my father was a man of few words), I loved that the tradition felt so familiar. Something I could always count on seeing on one of the many special days we celebrated throughout the year.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

Fast forward to now and here I stand with my own family of seven and I am so grateful to have a husband who makes Father’s Day worth celebrating after not having my own with me for all these years. We love spoiling the big guy as he is affectionately known around the house and I have carried on that familiar tradition of greeting cards to mark the occasion and let him know how much the kids and I love him. However, I have had to embrace the fact that I have four (probably eventually five) who have so much to say and write to him that they each need their own card.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

Every year around this time, I gather them all up and we head to our local Target (as if there is any other option) to browse all of the greeting cards. We all gravitate towards the humorous ones and I love the light and kid friendly options that Target carries year after year. Quite a few giggles erupt in that card aisle in Target as we decide on the very best one for each of us to present the big guy with and I can only hope it’s a tradition that my kids think fondly back on and remember it as their own comfort from childhood.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

While they are involved with the cards and sentiments as well as making breakfast all on their own the morning of, I like to take over for part of to put as much personal touch into his Father’s Day gift each and every year. And with Brooks having joined our gang just last October, I knew the big guy was due for an updated portrait of his little ones to enjoy on his desk here at home.

I try not to make things harder than they need to be – hello, working mother of five over just trying to survive each day with a little grace and possibly a clean shirt – so I simply gathered up all five kiddos when Dad had stepped out, placed them in the doorway and snapped a fresh photograph of them. A simple and rustic frame to go with his personal style that I also found at Target and it’s just the right touch and something that he will love. And of course, I had to snag him the new baseball cap he has had his eye on.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

While I know he will love his gift and the new portrait of the kids, I know what he will love most are those cards filled up with messy handwriting, doodled hearts and signed names that some are just learning to spell and the way they will race into our room far too early on Father’s Day, jump on the bed to gather around him and present them to him. And just like that another Father’s Day will be absolutely perfect filled with my favorite comforts.

A Father's Day Gift Idea and Family Tradition #FathersDay #GiftIdea

Be sure to check out the Target App for a Cartwheel offer of 5% off on Father’s Day greeting cards until June 17th! And find a Target closest to you by visiting:

And Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!


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