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Boys Room Makeover Part 02 | HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

It was back in April that I first shared my vision for the re-do of the boys room. Back in APRIL. Oh, friends. Apparently my busy and chaotic life is showing. We have slowly been chipping away at home projects and while I wish I could just snap my fingers and have it all be done, the process has been fun and I have loved involving the boys and I am excited to share with you Part Two of ‘A Boys Room Makeover’.

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

They know I make all executive decisions of course (wink!), but my goal is to not only create well designed spaces for our house, but to make everything feel like home. I am always making sure that I am not sacrificing the feeling of comfort and “home” just for the sake of design. And when it comes to the kids’ rooms, I want to make sure that they can infuse their personalities into it while creating looks that they can grow into. I am thrilled to be sharing part two of the boys room re-do!

So remember that part about including the boys? Well the picture below on the left is what this looks like. The boys were asked to pile everything in the middle of their room so that we could go through everything and organize. My way to get the job done would have been a little a lot more streamlined, but again, letting go and enjoying the process. While we did this, Dad got to work on freshly painted walls. Because that green? I still have nightmares about it. Oh, the joys of renting!

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

My husband and I completely believe in upcycling. Like, religiously. I always knew that I didn’t want to invest large amounts of money in furniture while raising kids. And the best reminder was when I spent $400 on a pair of upholstered accent chairs only to come downstairs later that afternoon to a toddler taking a Sharpie to one of them. I know. Speechless. Let’s just leave that story there.

So the boys dresser. We came across this one below on Craigslist and I loved the shape of it. Despite needing a good refinish, it had good bones and it is extremely sturdy and well-built which I loved. The biggest eye sore was a huge chunk missing out of the top left side. However, my husband is a gem and a miracle worker and used the pairing of wood putty and a sander to build it back up. $40 for the dresser, a can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and some grey rustic knobs from Hobby Lobby and I adore the look of it now. I had him “knick” a few of the sides on the dresser to give it the slightest distressing. Nothing extreme, but I love the finish.

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

And the bunk bed, another find off of Craigslist that needed a severe face lift. We didn’t care for the deep grooves in the wood (I swear I had this exact same bunk bed as a kid), but my husband assured me he could fix it. Again, some wood putty and a sand job over the entire thing and it transformed beautifully! The matching duvets are a grey pinstripe from Ikea.

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

These are just a few pieces for the boys room that I have been collecting that they love…

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

And with the room at the point it is now, I feel like it’s the perfect blank canvas for starting to gather and add all of the accents, layers, textures and character that will finally finish it off for Part 3. I am in search of a great desk for their bedroom and have my eye on a few more things as well (keep scrolling). After I looked back at Part One, I have noticed that my tastes have adjusted just slightly and while I am not an interior designer, I am trying my hardest to marry rustic, industrial and modern into one look that will provide the boys with a slightly more mature space they can grow into.

I already have the drapes for the windows which will be hung using metal piping to add that industrial tone and the color scheme is staying the same with white and grey as the base and mixing in oranges, navy blues and wood textures.

Boys Room Makeover Part 02  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

Wish me luck as the real fun begins and make sure to stay tuned for the final phase to this space! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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