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Boys Room Makeover Part 01 | HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

Since we moved a year and a half ago, our schedules have been extremely busy (crazy more like it) and I haven’t been able to take the time to really dive into making this current house a home. We have rented homes since we got married and have loved the flexibility of it. We have continually jumped around trying to find an area within Arizona that feels like “home” and as much as we were holding out for the opportunity to move somewhere greener or cooler, we have accepted the fact that this is probably it. With our kids getting older and developing friendships and roots, my husband and I are learning to let go of our expectations of living somewhere North West of here and work towards getting settled. We have already decided that this home will be our last rental and the next move we make will be the final one and the purchase of our first home. For now, we know we will be here for a few more years.

With that, we have decided to finally dig deep into getting settled and really developing our own home style. We have spent some time browsing stores and catalogs to really define what we both like and want to invest in. To sum up our style would be an all-American and traditional feel with industrial accents and a comfortable ambiance. We live in reality and the reality is that we live with four kids and a giant German Shepherd. I prefer function over fashion and I prefer the feeling of home – like you can kick up your feet anywhere. You know those homes you go into and it feels like a museum? As if touching something would sound an alarm and cause mass chaos? And forget about bringing your family in one of those places. We definitely know that is not for us. Home should be a place where kids can be kids and that no matter who comes over can feel comfortable. P.S. If you haven’t yet checked out The Nesting Place’s book, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s all about letting go of “perfect” and embracing house and home for our families to love and live in.

Finally deciding on the look and feel, we also know that this is going to be a process. I have to keep repeating that to myself. If I had an unlimited budget and no worries of time, I would make over this house that even Martha Stewart would be jealous of. However, ours will be a little more slow moving and we will be working room by room (and I am going to share each and every project, room re-do and before and after – because who doesn’t love a good before and after, right?!). First up – the boys room. The girls will be next and we decided that getting the kids settled first and creating their own individual spaces felt right.

Both our boys share a room and I love that they do. One thing we know we want is a look that they can grow into. Here are a few ideas that I have really loved as we have gathered inspiration:

Boys Room Makeover Part 01  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

(from left to right: Restoration Hardware, Babble.com, Lilikoijoy.com, Restoration Hardware, Houzz.com)

We have already purchased bunk beds and will be refinishing them. Their room will also get a fresh coat of white paint to keep it as airy and bright as possible. We love layers and textures and vintage pieces. Restoration Hardware has given lots of inspiration and, while I would love to call them up and order everything I like, I will be finding like pieces at local stores that are more budget friendly. Next up was deciding on the color scheme. This way when we are out and stumble upon pieces we know if it will tie in perfectly or have to be left behind.

Boys Room Makeover Part 01  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle
Grey, navy blue, orange and a creamy white. Old White from Annie Sloan to be exact. And a lot of touches will be DIY. My husband and I love projects and Pinterest has provided some awesome ideas that we love.

Boys Room Makeover Part 01  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle Boys Room Makeover Part 01  |  HausOfLayne.com #KidsRoom #RoomMakeover #InteriorDesign #HomeStyle

I will absolutely be sharing before and afters as well as project updates on social media so be sure you are following me on Instagram. And of course, a final reveal coming to the blog in a few weeks. Here’s to making our houses into homes and enjoying the process!

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