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August 17, 2017

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Us moms know better than anyone how crazy this time of year can be. The kids are back in school, sports are starting back up, club meetings, scouts, school functions and insert all other types of activities here. I remember it was some time ago last spring when we were racing from school to home with just enough time to grab soccer practice equipment only to leave again to race to the field, drop off my oldest and then run to the store with my daughter to pick up supplies for her english project and then back to the field. And of course, somewhere along that route someone got hungry and we made a quick stop for a fast food choice. And guess what? We were back there after soccer practice pick up because another kiddo got hungry. It can be crazy, expensive and unhealthy really fast with all we try and keep up with and being on-the-go so much. So I wanted to share with you what I did to fix the problem and share with you some ideas for healthy snacks-on-the-go. Especially for those days that we are all experiencing right now or soon will be.

I decided to designate a section of the fridge to on-the-go items only. The kids know that these pre-packaged snacks and drinks are only for when we are running out of the house and need to put something in our tummy. Of course, I still get a little one here or there eyeing something good they want during the day.

Healthy snacks on-the-go for busy families from #RaisingKids #Motherhood #HomeOrganization

I simply went to my local Marshall’s and browsed their kitchen section for a good plastic drawer for the fridge. Less than $8 and they have so many options. And based on what you prefer or what size you need to work with, you can also try a specialty shop like The Container Store. Once I had that I also purchased “portion control” snack bags at Target. These are wonderful because they sit upright when filled and they also help to make sure there is just enough for a snack with nothing wasted afterward. Now, once I have high schoolers and athletes running around, I joked with my husband that I will need more space for larger snacks. Which means I will need a new fridge (my fridge goals right here). And to fit the fridge I want, I’ll need a larger space in the kitchen. Which means I would need a new house. Wink!

The items my kiddos prefer are pretzels, string cheese, apple slices, grapes and carrots and celery with ranch. I also make sure water bottles are on hand and already cold (we don’t do juices or sodas) and then I also stock the shelf with these awesome chicken salad cups for Dad and I that I found at Costco. It’s delicious, healthy and gluten free. Just add celery sticks and you don’t even need a utensil! Definitely convenient and a much healthier option compared to french fries and chicken nuggets even if we do find them delicious. I will also purchase a loaf of french bread and bulk make turkey and cheese sandwiches to go. I simply wrap them in plastic wrap and put each one in an individual Ziploc bag. These are stored in one of the bottom drawers and the kids can also grab those on the go if they are needing something a little bit more. They last for several days and are a delicious fast meal.

Healthy snacks on-the-go for busy families from #RaisingKids #Motherhood #HomeOrganization

I buy the pre-packaged apple slices, baby carrots and string cheese in bulk at Costco because, hello family of seven, and everything else I just pick up at Target. I then spend a little bit of time pre-packaging things each week so we are stocked and prepared. I love that the kids can have something accessible and in reach as we are rushing around getting to the things we need to be at.

Healthy snacks on-the-go for busy families from #RaisingKids #Motherhood #HomeOrganization

I hope you and your family find this idea helpful and good luck in this busy season of parenthood! We could all use it, am I right?




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