Finding Fresh Starts in the Fall


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I came across this quote the other day. It’s one I have known and seen many times, but for some reason, it hit me a little differently.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Starting new. A refreshing concept for sure, but one I always reserved for the start of a new year – at least for the big things. Or perhaps the habits. The idea of beginning on day one and having an entire year ahead of you to give it your all, whether it happens or not… it’s an inspiring concept. Besides, starting fresh in the middle of 2020? I mean, there’s a side of me that wants to ask what the point would be…. Anyone else ready to put up their tree now? 
But what if this season was the catalyst for a change needed? What if it could happen just as autumn does? Right here and right now in the middle of it all, waiting for no one and no perfect circumstance. Monday, first of the month, first of the year be damned. Kind of a beautiful thought, don’t you think? A little rebellious, a little against the grain.

Where my heart is at right now on fresh starts? For me, it’s about not putting my own ideas, projects, goals, and dreams on hold for temporary comfort or convenience. I found myself in a situation just recently where I had to ask myself – is this helping to build the future I want? And if it’s not a “hell yes!” then it has to be a no. Because being the ‘yes’ girl was so last season.

So here’s to autumn. With its pops of color, crisp in the air, cable knit sweaters, pumpkins at the market, mulled cider, and cozy evenings. A symphony of change. And here’s to starting new where it’s written on our hearts. In making changes we yearn for now instead of waiting for Monday, or the 1st of the month, or even a new year. Today can be the shift.

Getting uncomfortable is where the good growth is at anyway. Tapping back into the courage we found a year ago to leave everything we knew (and owned) to build the life we want in Nashville with our brood. And just like the leaves in autumn, what a beautiful thing it is to begin again.
What will this season mean for you?

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