Finding Grace in Tomorrow


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It’s been another day. Another day that perfection wasn’t even in sight. Come to think of it, the definition of perfection escapes my vocabulary because it’s not a state that my life allows for. Another day that I stumbled through trying to keep the pieces gathered together without them falling at my feet. They never seem to be a perfect fit, do they?

Monday came and went. It didn’t stay long enough to say hello and it certainly didn’t have room for deep relaxing breaths. It’s Spring Break. Vacation? What a funny notion. Work hours bled into the evening, baseball practice was spent answering messages and dinner came in the form of a take out bag. And has someone switched the laundry from the washer to the dryer yet? I forget to sew the patch on Blake’s baseball jersey. And my eyebrows winked back at me in the mirror this morning. I need to remember to tweeze those things.

Tuesday I was barely able to roll myself out of bed even after the alarm on my iPhone went off at every 15 minute increment beginning at 5:00 AM. It seems that 2:00 AM is a perfect time to wake up and watch Curious George with a miniature who just couldn’t stay asleep. And that breakfast that I wanted to make for my kids to relish in the relaxation of Spring Break? It came in the form of donuts brought home after I left the studio at 2:00 PM. It was another day that I went without a shower, without a workout and I am sure I went to bed with another pound gained. Soccer starts up again next week which means we will be juggling baseball practice and two games every week along with soccer practice and one game a week. Still not sure how that is going to work. And seriously… that load in the washer.

Wednesday I yelled at the kids because the house was a mess. And through the toys lying around, I saw my shoes… and stack of paperwork… and my dish from breakfast on the counter… and my blanket on the couch from movie night the evening before. I hid away in my office to save myself the humility of having to apologize. Lunch was skipped, grocery shopping happened with a meltdown because it was during someone’s nap time and we had a jump session on the trampoline instead of finishing the to-do list because the weather was overcast and we take what we can get here in the desert this time of year. And through the giggles and wrestling, I made sure to say thank you for the house cleaning that happened earlier. And it was a night where I was barely able to get myself to bed let alone remember to wash my face or even say a prayer.

Thursday was Thursday. I screamed a profanity from my closet after stepping on a Lego building that was left there from two weeks ago. Left there by a little one who was waiting for me to finish my makeup so we could go to the store. The dog has needed a bath for two weeks and there is something questionable on the wall of the stairs that needs to be cleaned up, but instead I keep passing by it hoping that the other adult that lives with me will notice it. Exhaustion is no joke. I need to remember to send off that email before they email me first and think that I forgot about it. Someone is yelling from downstairs that another someone hit them. I threw on my favorite hat because my hair is still unwashed and makeup was not an option today. The kids are sleeping over at Grandma’s and I scooted them out the door last night not even knowing what they had packed in their backpacks. Who needs clean underwear, right? It’s Spring Break after all. That and my mother lives five doors down. I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 9:00 after ‘totally being up for a movie night’.

Friday. My to-do list is a mile long just like every other day, but it’s the last day of Spring Break. This means the week and the weekend are blurring together and I will find myself sneaking away to play as much as I possibly can. The dishes are piled high in the sink and my husband got to cleaning the bathroom before I could. We just bought groceries this week, but I have a feeling at 5:00 PM I will be on the phone ordering an extra large cheese pizza from our favorite pizza place. Who baked the cookies that I am not supposed to have? Oh well, diet starts on Monday, right?

And then there is tomorrow. A place in time that holds every possibility, every ounce of energy and every bit of soft spoken love for each and every person around me. I don’t want to live for tomorrow, but at this time in my life… in this season of my life… I thank God if there is a tomorrow. Tomorrow is a chance for me to get it right. At least one thing, please. To speak a little nicer, to play a little harder, and maybe even get a shower. To forgive myself for not working out the day before and the opportunity to stop body shaming myself. The idea of tomorrow gets me through every mistake of today. Knowing there is a chance to start clean and better myself and things around me. And knowing there is a time to stop worrying about what people think or how my life looks to the outside world.

So while I hope to eventually be the person that can make today all that it can be, I am going to be grateful for tomorrow. And I am going to find grace in tomorrow because perfection and I broke up a long time ago.

That load in the washer is definitely going to have to be re-washed.


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