Casual Friday: A Busy Weekend & Puzzles for Cozy Nights


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Casual Friday, busy weekends, and puzzles with Grandma! Catch it all over on!

I don’t know about you, but I am a better person when I am busy. Do you ever feel like that? Like, when I have a mental list of projects and things that need to get done, it means a better chance I am not frittering my time away – you know? Anyway, this weekend is a busy one over at our nest. Three DIY projects to make happen and, of course, I will be sharing peeks into the progress over on Instagram stories. One of them is this gorgeous little thing that I am actually going to add some color to. Such a shock, I know. I’m not quite sure how it’s going to go, but we’re going to step out of the comfort zone a bit. And then we’ve got Tanner’s DIY hat rack happening for the boys’ room. And then I haven’t even shared the third, but we found a coffee table! So I am going to try out a new way of refinishing that peace to upcycle it.

And another reason for the busier weekend is preparing for Grandma’s arrival! We usually don’t expect her until the spring, but she decided to head our way earlier than usual. The kids are buzzing with excitement as you can imagine and I am just over here doing my hostess and homemaking things getting everything prepped and ready. May the caffeine be strong, am I right?

One tradition the kids have loved is doing puzzles when she comes to town. Puzzles have never been something that is on my radar mostly because I am a busy body. ANd sitting still has never been my strong suit – ha! So I jumped online to bolster our collection a bit and I came across some of the best ones ever! I’m a sucker for good art and these were so fun! If you like puzzles at your place, you will have to check these out!

Favorite puzzle finds for cozy nights at home

Casual Friday, busy weekends, and puzzles with Grandma! Catch it all over on!

There were many illustrated by an artist, Michael Storrings, that I absolutely loved! So many great city scenes illustrated in a whimsical way. And of course, Rifle Paper Co. makes some pretty darn darling ones as well.

Anyway, you can shop the ones I found just below. I grabbed this one that is supposed to arrive today and I figure I will keep adding to our collection from these finds. They are just too good!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friend! What are you and yours up to?

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