What Dreams Are Made Of

What dreams are made of and the true life of entrepreneurship on HausOfLayne.com #BigDreams #Entrepreneur

We made many sacrifices to finally say yes to living a life of working for no one else but ourselves – like humble summers. And limiting the clothing budget. And being a one (paid off) car family. And that one car not being large enough to even fit our family after having grown by another once again this past year.

Yes, with five kids and a husband who is gone in the evenings and on weekends to handle his business, we have pushed ourselves to function with only one car. If we needed to go somewhere all together, we drove two cars (so thankful for a mother who lives five doors down and helped in so many ways). We live one street over from the school and our neighborhood has a grocery store that we could bike to. Jarett would stop for groceries that we were in need of after work some nights at 3:00 AM just to lessen the blow for me as much as possible. While sometimes it was totally fine because being a homebody is what I do best, we hit a point where we knew it needed to change. We had outgrown the situation in the past year and had outgrown the car long ago.

As we drove away from the dealership last Friday night, I had to quickly pull over due to the amount of tears in my eyes (wrecking the new ride within the first few minutes would have been a total downer, ya know?). We both sat there taking it in. To think that there was a time where we didn’t know how we were going to make it to the end of the month and now this. Two entrepreneurs who started with no degrees, no capital funds… just a whole lot of passion, grit and big blessings along the way. This kind of thing is a big deal in our little world right now. And I hope to never be in a place where this type of thing goes unnoticed or comes without pausing to take it in and take note of all the work and growth that happened along the way.

We kissed. We laughed. We said a quick prayer of thankfulness for the leaps and bounds we both have experienced professionally. And then we got back on the road to quickly get home to our babes so we could pile all 7 of us in the new ride and celebrate over milkshakes.

It’s funny. Unlike what you grow up believing, dreams aren’t about the end result, but the stuff in the middle. The hard work stuff. The sacrifice-for-the-bigger-picture stuff. The stuff that makes your muscles shake as the sweat drips from your brow. Because it is in that where the strength and the growth comes for the next dream. It’s your proof. It’s your badge of honor. And it’s the end result that allows you to declare and shout to the universe that you survived the stuff in the middle. And you are better for it.


What dreams are made of and the true life of entrepreneurship on HausOfLayne.com #BigDreams #Entrepreneur


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