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March 16, 2020

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Kicking off a week of resources and inspiration all centered around having the kids at home! For all you who have suddenly found yourselves as homeschooling parents while we wait to see how this coronavirus situation evolves over the coming weeks, I wanted to make sure and bring you as much help as I possibly could. I am going to start things off today by sharing our family’s favorite educational apps, websites, and resources for kids. Because let’s be honest. Sometimes we all need a break and screen time, when done intentionally, can be a wonderful one to allow the kids (and us as parents) to have!

First and foremost, in light of these unexpected changes for so many families, let’s not lose sight of the incredible opportunity there is to teach these little ones valuable real-life skills over the next few weeks. Baking, cooking, sewing, household management, computer skills, auto repair, emergency preparedness, even balancing a checkbook! It doesn’t have to be complicated and homework doesn’t have to be involved for kids to build and learn skills that will serve them well for years to come. 

With that, as many of you might be as well, I am a full-time working parent. Sometimes I need the ability to have little ones have something to do that doesn’t require me to be instructing or helping, but also doesn’t fill their time with mindless entertainment. And while we are diligent and mindful about the amount of time we spend on screens, I feel more peace of mind when what we are browsing, playing, or scrolling, is educationally beneficial and brings wholesome entertainment into our home. 

One wonderful benefit with the chaos happening is that many companies have offered several weeks to 30 days free when you sign up for their resources, app, etc right now. Such an amazing help to families dealing with the unexpected right now and I wanted to make sure those who will have kids home for several weeks know about those as well. 

Our favorite educational apps, websites, and resources for the kids. All to help you during the next few weeks of this coronavirus pandemic. Get them now over on Haus of Layne! #AppsForKids #Homeschool #EducationForKids #EducationalToolsForKids #BestAppsForKids #BestLearningAppsForKids #WebsitesForKids

*None of the resources I am sharing are ones that I am affiliated with – simply what our family has come to love and enjoy.

Our favorite apps

PBS Kids Games

Homer (Right now you can sign up and get a 30 days free trial!)

Math Evolve

Seedling Scavenger Hunt (a great activity to keep the kids busy at home or outside)

Duolingo (a fantastic language app and what Tanner is currently using to learn Swedish)

World Quiz (a great one for those geography skills!)

Our favorite websites (Sign up for their newsletter and get daily activities and inspiration while kids are home right here.) (Get 30 days for free right now)

BBC History for Kids

Highlights for Kids

Our Favorite YouTube Channels

Art for Kids Hub

Sesame Street

Mark Rober

History Channel

PBS Kids

NatGeo for Kids

Free Resources Amid Coronavirus

These are resources that are being offered for free for those students that are home unexpectedly amid the coronavirus outbreak. These are not resources my family has tried, but I wanted to ensure you had as much help as possible right now!


Ideas Roadshow


Minecraft Education Edition

Mystery Science


Sight Reading Factory


Our favorite educational apps, websites, and resources for the kids. All to help you during the next few weeks of this coronavirus pandemic. Get them now over on Haus of Layne! #AppsForKids #Homeschool #EducationForKids #EducationalToolsForKids #BestAppsForKids #BestLearningAppsForKids #WebsitesForKids

I hope you find these educational apps, websites, and resources helpful while we all ride out the next few weeks and enjoy the unexpected time we have with our loved ones. 

For my working moms, I would love to make sure you have my free daily printable to stay as productive as possible during this time. Simply sign up for my email below and get it right in your inbox for free right here.

And there is more to come this week with helpful things for you, your family, and your kiddos so be sure and stay tuned and become a subscriber to get it all right in your inbox!

Hang in there, friend. We got this!




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