Fourteen Years and Counting

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June 11, 2018

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So here we are, my darling. Fourteen years and counting.

They say when people get married too young they risk the chance of growing apart instead of growing together. They say that you should be more established and settled in life before you commit to someone else because then you have a grip on what you want, you have a career and you have things figured out a little better than you did when you were younger. I don’t think anyone could have stopped my 19-year-old-self on that day fourteen years ago even if they tried. 

If someone were to ask us how marriage is, I’m pretty sure we would say the exact same thing – doing life with your best friend is the way it should be and there’s no other choice if you want to do life right. But we would also probably say that marriage is a lot of work. It’s disagreeing, but still respecting. It’s arguing, but not going to bed angry. It’s the ups and the downs and you have to be willing to weather the storm because life inevitably will happen. This past year we experienced a lot of “life” to say the least. Both amazingly good and amazingly trying, but whether it’s taking another big leap, rejoicing in an answered prayer or traipsing through the mud, it always has and always will be you who I want by my side through it all. 

You will forever and always be home to me….

14 years and counting. A letter to my husband on our anniversary #Anniversary #Marriage #Couple #Portrait #Wedding




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