A Warm Welcome to the All-New Haus of Layne

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July 9, 2018

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Motherhood & Family

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It’s funny how much we can resist and push against change. It’s why it’s called a “comfort zone” and I guess when it comes to this area of my brand it’s been an easy place to hang out. I found a cozy little corner and things were good and for awhile it was easy to ignore my gut. Let me tell you though about that gut instinct – it’s both never wrong and ridiculously persistent. So here I am. Crazy nervous excited (think Owen Wilson in Armageddon as he is getting strapped in for the flight to the asteroid) to extend to you a warm welcome to the all-new Haus of Layne!

WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? For so long I have had two sides to what I do professionally. One being the professional service I provide others. And the other is blogging – writing, creating content, sharing, building a community. It fills me in so many ways and for so long I have simply managed them side by side, together as one brand. However, I wasn’t looking far enough ahead. I wasn’t aware of how much both sides would grow and how connected I would be to both. I also wasn’t prepared for the issues it causes sometimes when trying to have one brand be too many things.

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur has never been easy (just ask the husband), but my gut kept hinting to me that I needed to make a big change. The biggest change. My professional service, Kara Layne & Co. and my blog, Haus of Layne, needed to have their own space. Both for technical reasons (SEO, brand messaging, etc) as well as for my audience and community.

Those of you who show up time and time again to support what it is that I do deserve to be served in a new and better way. For years my audience has been split right down the middle. On one side I have fellow business owners and professional creatives and on the other I have fellow women, mothers and parents who have continued to connect with my stories of motherhood, of house and home and everything in between. And I think so many times, my ideas and plans for the future keep getting held up by one thing – who am I talking to? It has stunted growth as I have tried to fit a square peg in a round hole and there is only so much you can ask of a brand before the approach and message to the world starts to become muddled.

There have been times that it has seemed absolutely crazy to have two websites, separate social media channels, I mean… TWO BRANDS – as I have been working through this change over the past month, but as this week has grown closer the fear and self-doubt has been replaced with excitement and eagerness. It’s big, but it’s right. It’s so ridiculously right. This was the next step for me as an entrepreneur and I feel like the road ahead is so much clearer and steady with all of the ideas I have stirring behind the scenes.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? Well, first off, Haus of Layne is all things life, style and home. From motherhood and our family life here in the Phoenix desert to home design and DIY projects to what we are loving in the kitchen down to style and self improvement – it’s all going to be right here. I have so much I want to share, so much I want to write and I finally feel the freedom to do exactly that right here without the fear of alienating some of my community.

Bigger and better content that will be much more regular – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – with the same old story telling with a side of wit and sarcasm matched with good photography that you have grown used to here. I am itching to begin sharing so much more with you on a consistent basis and I hope it becomes something you look forward to and know that you can count on it weekly.

If you are subscribed to my mailing list, please know that you will be hearing from me personally right in your inbox within the next week or so. Due to this big change, my subscriber list will be completely separated between brands which will ensure that you will only receive the content that you really want to see. And you will now be receiving consistent weekly emails with all updates, announcements, events, and everything Haus of Layne.

With this big change, I knew that it was also time to make another scary jump and I am thrilled to say that I have hired an assistant! A very talented individual who will be doing some major things behind the scenes and help this over-extended business owner and working mother finally find some solid footing (the growing pains have been real, friends). And to also help bring all of these big ideas I have to fruition.

If you have made it this far… thank you for reading this novel. I have had some of you with me for years and I didn’t feel like I could announce this change without really sharing my heart behind it and announce it all with major transparency. Your support in what I do over the years means the absolute world to me and I owe it to you to bring you along for the ride – the ups, the downs and everything in between.

I hope you stick around because things are about to get really, really good… love you all.

A warm welcome to the all-new Haus of Layne! A place of life, style and all things home. Dive in and I hope to connect with you very soon!

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