My Latest Finds + Obsessions for July


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My latest finds and obsessions for July |

So excited to share with you my latest finds and obsessions for July!

My latest finds and obsessions for July |

Silk Therapy by Biosilk. As someone with naturally dry and slightly frizzy hair, I loved when my hair stylist told me about this product years ago. It takes no more than a nickel size dollop in the palm of your hand, but once you run it through your hair after blow drying and styling, it just leaves it with a slight sheen and feeling and looking much more moisturized. Worth every penny for sure and I swear you’ll love it. You can find it here.

Leather sandals. Being an Arizona resident, most of the year I am sporting light footwear and flip flops are my go-to. There is something so classic and fashionable about a simple, thin strap leather sandal and whenever I can find them, I stock up. I love this pair and all of the others ones I have gotten from Charlotte Russe. They don’t have this exact style anymore that you see above, but all of my other pairs I have you can find here. And right now they have a sale going on and you can score their leather sandals for as low as $4.50! Hurry and shop!

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream. Most of you know that I am extremely simple with a lot of my beauty routines. While I love having my toes freshly painted and manicured, I hate having things on my fingernails. I work a lot with my hands and having faux nails on is something I cannot stand and because my nails are so short, getting them painted seems like a waste and I am not that great at doing it myself. Go figure. However, I really do like my hands to look as nice as possible and I needed to do something about my cuticles and the skin around my fingernails. Last week I picked up this cuticle massage cream and wow! Totally makes a difference and my hands have never looked better when bare. It smells fantastic too!

‘Between the Seats’ by Essie. Speaking of manicured toes, I just put this color on after picking it up at Target and I am in love! It’s not white, but it’s not taupe. It’s a perfect in-between and the perfect shade for summer.

‘Rose Royalty’ blush by E.L.F. Summer makeup means keeping things as light and fresh as possible. I hate layering on makeup only to go outside and feel like it is literally melting off. This blush is cream based and the perfect punch of color for your cheeks. I even toss it in my handbag to carry on me in case I feel like I need a refresh later in the day while on the go. And at only $4.00? Definitely a must-have. Snag it here!

I hope you find something that you love as well and I will be sharing another handful of my favorite things and latest finds for August so stay tuned! P.S. If you missed June, you can catch them here!


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