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Happy Birthday, Blake

June 19, 2019


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My dearest Blake, 

Eleven years old. You have grown into the most beautiful young woman and it has been an honor to watch. 

As we have made this big life change and settled into life in Tennessee, it has been a joy to watch you revel in all of the new and exciting things. There was once a time where it would have terrified you. Where the idea of change would have been extremely hard to face and it was a time when you very much preferred to be inside your metaphorical shell where you felt most comfortable. And there was a time where I had a deep fear that down the road your insecurities would keep you from really living life and enjoying all that comes with it.

But as time has gone on and as you have grown, you have completely blown me away with the change I have seen in you. You no longer crumble when a stranger speaks to you. You no longer look to me to be your security blanket in new situations. Beginning a new life here in Nashville has been equally exciting and nerve-wracking. A place where we know no one and have had to settle into a new community, new church family and quite possibly, new schools. I have seen you make friends, I have seen you try new things, I have seen you be the “new kid” and I have seen you do it all with a smile. There might still be nerves, but it is so so beautiful to see.

Blake, you are an extremely unique individual in the most perfect of ways. And your greatest gift is your confidence in being exactly who you are. Never lose sight of that because life will be full of magic as you continue to embrace it even into adulthood. Don’t conform. Don’t worry about what “normal” is. You keep on with exactly who you are. My creative, maternal, sensitive, faithful, mature, laid back and fun-loving daughter. You will attract the best of people into your circle when they get to see who you really are and those who don’t understand you? They were never meant to be in that circle anyway. 

Thank you for reminding me daily to laugh without apologies. Thank you for reminding me to keep hold of who I really am even as an adult. And thank you for your faithful heart and honest ways. You inspire me more than you know and for that, I am so grateful for your presence in our home. 

I love you more than words, babe. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you.

With all of me and more…



Happy Birthday, Blake. An annual birthday letter to my daughter on her eleventh birthday. Enjoy it over on Haus of Layne! #Motherhood #RaisingKids #BirthdayTraditionsHappy Birthday, Blake. An annual birthday letter to my daughter on her eleventh birthday. Enjoy it over on Haus of Layne! #Motherhood #RaisingKids #BirthdayTraditions Happy Birthday, Blake. An annual birthday letter to my daughter on her eleventh birthday. Enjoy it over on Haus of Layne! #Motherhood #RaisingKids #BirthdayTraditions


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