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After all this time? I am still so genuinely, you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me, goofy smiling, awkwardly accepting the fact that people are even interested in the things I put out there. Silly? Maybe. Honest? You betcha. I still picture myself as that girl showing up to the party wondering if she’ll have anyone to dance with. And the fact that I have community out there? People who are supportive and rooting me on? No words will ever express what that means to a simple entrepreneur living life creatively and dreaming big dreams out in the Arizona desert. And because of that, I have a few gifts just for you because I think you’re awesome. And mama taught me to always mind my manners, so I will never stop saying thank you every time you show up.

I worked away at these all-new absolutely free downloads in January and just launched them at the beginning of this month so I hope you find something you are needing and love!


First up. For my fellow photography lovers, those that not only want to document life, but want to do it beautifully. I see you and I have so much I want to share. And I will be! We are nearing the end of developing my very first educational courses and I am chomping at the bit to share them with you, but in the meantime, I have a free download of five simple tips to taking better photographs using your smartphone. Simply visit right here to snag it free for yourself.

Catch these free downloads from Kara Layne & Co right here and enjoy! #FreeDownload #Freebie #PhotographyTips #Branding #Design

P.S. By signing up you will also be receiving my newly improved on weekly email. Which will be everything life, style and the in-between like family, juggling all the things, my latest finds and obsessions, the weekly blog recap, more photography and video tips to documenting the everyday and so much more.


Next up? For those of you that are looking for business tools or beautiful design templates and love the Kara Layne & Co. shop for things like that, score yourself an exclusive 20% off code to use on your next purchase simply by signing up right here (just wait for the pop-up!).


And for my fellow dreamers and doers out there. For my fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs. This one is for you. I want to see you succeed and do it looking drop dead stunning in every way possible. And while I wish I had unlimited hours to book all the branding projects or that everyone had the budget to work with me, I want to make sure I am sharing with you as often as I can. So, visit here to sign up and receive my five (gee, I wonder why I’m stuck on that number) tips to enhancing and refining your first impression online. Because, it’s your first date with a potential client and we need to make it a good one.

Catch these free downloads from Kara Layne & Co right here and enjoy! #FreeDownload #Freebie #PhotographyTips #Branding #Design

P.S. By joining the fun you will also be receiving my newly improved subscription emails (seriously, this is an area I have been hard at work on) which will give you monthly tips, newly launched design projects, business advice and all the pretty branding and design things.

I truly hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to share even more with you right in your inbox and all the big things to come. Thanks for being a part of the tribe, friend. You have made it that much sweeter by being here!

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