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Help me spread the word and get exclusive access into my new course! Catch all of the details on my new influencers group over at Haus of Layne now!

I’m passionate about what I do. And I’m passionate about the message I share about living creatively. And I need the support of a small army of individuals who share a passion for this as well. So, friend… help me spread the word and get exclusive access to my next course!

I’m putting together an influencers group to help me create a lot of noise surrounding the launch of my next course – Documenting the Everyday: Family Films Edition. This is the second installment of a three-part educational series that is going to take my students from learning how to take amazing photos with their iPhone, how to film and create stunning home movies with the same device to how to organize and maintain their family media library for not only daily enjoyment (what an amazing concept, right?!), but to teach safe storage practices so that families are better prepared in any situation.

The release date is April 17th. The last few months I have been working towards the completion of this project, and now, I’m in search of an incredible group of authentic, dedicated, positive and proactive friends to help me spread the word over these last few weeks before and after the course goes into pre-sales on April 8th.

While I promise it will be fun and inspiring, I’m going to need a lot of help as well. There’s going to be work involved. However, I promise there’s quite a bit in it for you. Keep scrolling!

Help me spread the word and get exclusive access into my new course! Catch all of the details on my new influencers group over at Haus of Layne now!

Here’s what you can expect if you join my influencers group:

  • Exclusive early and FREE access to the new course before anyone else
  • A 30% discount on my first and original course, Documenting the Everyday Series: The iPhone Edition
  • Complete access to me (and the other friends who join us) in an exclusive Facebook group during the period surrounding the launch.
  • Future offers and exclusive savings on course, products and more

And here’s what I would love your help with in return:

  • Share information about my new course and the DTE series – leveraging your own audience, network, and your unique strengths
  • Like the Kara Layne Facebook page and leave a review as a blog reader or even as a course student if you have already taken my iPhone course or post a review of the new course after it has launched.
  • Join the influencers group (link will be sent to you if accepted) on Facebook, and be an active participant and collaborator – sharing ideas together to help each other more effectively spread the word.

Important note: There is limited space available so please know that not everyone who applies will be accepted into the group. We will be choosing qualified individuals to become influencers for me, my mission and this new launch. If you are ultimately not chosen, please do not feel bad because your support means the world and I still love you!

Fill out the application now!

**Application window closes April 5th at 11:59 PM PST




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