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December 16, 2019

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I’ve probably started this post a hundred times in my head. Each time I either find myself humming “There She Goes Again” by Sixpence None the Richer or silently yelling in classic Ross style, “PIVOT!”, while I wrestle with finding the right words. And perhaps none of this even needs to be shared. If you have been here for a while you know that I am no stranger to pivots in business. And if you are still here then you are no stranger to embracing them and running with me. However, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t sharing behind-the-scenes with you. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t share with you where my heart is at.

If I didn’t acknowledge it at all some might be confused by the changes they will soon see online. Or perhaps no one would, who knows. While it’s incredibly easy for me to create the narrative that could be going on, you know what I realized in the middle of the worry? Every single pivot I have made in business is directly correlated with the growth of my family. And you know what that is? That is a true and absolutely beautiful blessing. So I am going to shut down all of the negative emotions and thoughts, toss them in steel box, and bury them in the deepest grave. Because with all that is ahead of us and the things we want to accomplish, no one has time for self-doubt in 2020. You with me?

There she goes again, a female entrepreneur making a pivot in business to build her career around her family. To step into her purpose as a mother and dreamer. Read all about the pivot I am making in my business, why it is a blessing, and what 2020 is going to be about. All on Haus of Layne! #Entrepreneurship #Mompreneur #MompreneurInspiration #BusinessTipsForWomen #EntrepreneurJournal #IntentionalLiving #LiveSimple #LiveMeaningful

I began my career as a wedding and lifestyle photographer. To this day I still think back fondly on all that came with that (incredible clients and beautiful stories and milestones that I got to be a part of). As my little ones started getting older and various activities started happening on weekends, I found myself aching for a shift. I didn’t want to be leaving a soccer game after the first half to make it for the bride getting ready at the hotel across town. And I didn’t want the busiest season to be my holiday season. By the time I put all of my effort and energy into my clients, I barely had any steam left for my own to bring the magic into things.

The first pivot was letting go of photography as I dove into the world of design. This was something that had been a growing passion and a business I could run from home. Something that didn’t take me away on weekends or monopolize all my time during more important parts of the year.

Then it was taking a second full-time job as a creative director so Jarett could leave the corporate world and build his own company. While that ended in a pretty dark place, blessings were abundant as Jarett’s business had grown just enough for me to close that chapter and get back to focusing on my own brand and business.

After that, the sweet surprise of Brooks lifted the darkness for all of us. What an amazing year. 

Next, a shift for our children and their education. It was a big change and a major addition to my plate, but looking back, the timing was so divine as just three months after that we would decide on a move to Tennessee. Without having to worry about the timing of a school year, it truly made the transition so much more effortless.

And that brings us to now. What a year it has been as we have followed our hearts to Nashville. Closing down Jarett’s business, leaping into the unknown, finding beautiful blessings and everyday miracles around every turn as we have taken on this new way of living in blind faith. While life has been beautiful and difficult and wildly unknown, there has been a feeling in my gut for some time now. As I look back, I’m sure it has been growing since I added the title of ‘educator’ to my list of jobs last year. And what an important and special one that is.

My time, my energy, my focus has to be more centered around my home and family. And that has proved itself difficult as I try and run two brands simultaneously and all that comes with that. This past year and a half has perhaps been my hardest time yet with inconsistency. And when faced with what to let go of or adjust? My gut and intuition is telling me that if my focus is where it should be, all will fall into place. And if I have the ability to mold my career around my family once again then I need to take that opportunity and run with it as best as I possibly can. My family, my kids, and I deserve more than how I have been functioning for the past year and a half. You deserve more. And it’s time I really focus on what my true purpose is and strip away the extra. Even if that means the safety net as well.

With that, I guess we are staying true to the theme of this year and living in blind faith with the timing of these changes. The idea of rocking the boat at this point in time makes me a little queasy after everything we have already been through this year. Not to mention the fact that my business is what my family depends on most in this season of life. However, if you know me at all you know that when I get an idea there’s no slowing the train down. No countdown, no strategic timing, no pros/cons list. Let’s just do it. I am grateful for a husband who is cheering me on as I, once again, pivot to mold my career around my most important job in life.

There she goes again, a female entrepreneur making a pivot in business to build her career around her family. To step into her purpose as a mother and dreamer. Read all about the pivot I am making in my business, why it is a blessing, and what 2020 is going to be about. All on Haus of Layne! #Entrepreneurship #Mompreneur #MompreneurInspiration #BusinessTipsForWomen #EntrepreneurJournal #IntentionalLiving #LiveSimple #LiveMeaningful

For 2020, I am bringing both my brands under one roof once again. I am wrapping up my current client projects and will no longer be offering branding and design services. Kara Layne and Co will no longer be a full-service design studio, but instead, a community. A place for me to connect with fellow women who are working hard to create the life they want. A place where we link arms in our creative endeavors and build our dreams while building our families. Where inspiration, motivation, and resources to make big things happen can be found. Because after six years of working with business owners I have come to realize that my greatest moments were each time I saw a woman step into her purpose. Each time I got to see her create the freedom that she has been wanting for herself. Each time I got to see a fellow mother gain the confidence needed, to say out loud what her dream is and go after it with everything she has. I cannot wait to see what we do together.

This means that blogging, content creating, involving my kids in creating with me, partnering with brands that my family and I love, education and memory keeping, my new obsession with wellness and the blessings it has brought me and my family… it all is going to be in the spotlight once again. It is going to be about home and family and where my heart always has been. The weight that has been lifted from my shoulders is indescribable. While a change in business is always scary, I have learned that if the heart is in the right place things always find a way of working out. Experience tells me so… wink!

2020 will be completely about intention. And simplifying. Through this season of change, I know the growth that I need to truly stand in my purpose like I never have before will come.

So if you are new here, you just got the CliffNotes version of the Kara Layne story – ha! I hope you feel inspired while here and stick around for all that is to come. While I am bubbling over with all the things to tell you and excitement, I will leave you with just a few links as you and I both get settled into these changes:

First: I am simplifying my social media approach. Now, you will be able to find all the things on Instagram here and all the things on Facebook here. These changes will allow me to connect with you more and share daily content that brings a smile to your face and that hopefully inspires you in some way. It will allow me to show up like I have needed to.

Second: If you are here from Kara Layne and Co. and want to stick around for all things business and resources, I would LOVE for you to join the new and private Kara Layne & Co. community over on Facebook – a place for us women and mothers walking the entrepreneurial journey to connect. This is where it all will happen when it comes to creative pursuits, aspects of business, juggling family while building dreams, and so. much. more. I have big plans!

Third: A weekly and consistent email is something that has been at the top of my list – all the latest from the blog, exclusive content, and so much more. Limited, but intentional inspiration delivered right in your inbox. We have decided to have that go out on Wednesday evenings so if you are a subscriber, keep an eye out! And if you haven’t yet joined, please click here and scroll until you see the signup box. It takes just a moment and is completely free!

I so wish we could have grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and chatted about life and all the changes it brings tucked away in a quaint coffee shop somewhere. Consider all of this straight from my heart and home to yours. If you have been a friend here for a while, please know that every comment, every email, every like on social media, every post shared with a friend, every purchase in the shop, every snagged seat to my course… it means more than you will ever know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to show up, for being part of this journey with me, and for your unwavering support. You have made the biggest difference in my world and in my family’s world. You are truly loved.

With all that being said. Here she goes again…



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