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Latest Finds and Obsessions: February Edition

February 20, 2019

Style and Beauty

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Well, friend, I think it’s about time that I finally get back to my monthly round-ups of my latest finds and obsessions. I’ve missed sharing them with you! And this month is good, I promise. So let’s get on with the February edition, shall we?

I am always on the lookout for casual yet stylish and put together looks that allow for comfort without losing the chic. American Eagle currently has this raw-edged sweatshirt that I heard about through Jen Reed at The Sister Studio and it. Does. Not. Disappoint. I will warn you that it runs very big. Because of the oversized and comfy design of it, make sure and order down a size or two. I went with s medium to make sure the length was what I wanted and I am currently running it through the dryer once or twice to make it just a bit smaller. The length of it is PERFECT for wearing with leggings because it covers the bum and it’s not too heavy, but still plenty cozy for more chilly weather. I think you will love it.

The best part is that it is currently marked down to only $26.97! A total steal so be sure and snag one before it sells out. I just checked and it looks like all of the sizes are still available.

My latest finds and obsessions and I'm sharing about some of my favorite new sporty casual pieces and a killer pair of aviators! #StyleFinds #Quay #ReebokClassics #CozySweatshirt

Next up are my go-to, ride-or-die sneaker that goes with everything. The Reebok leather classic is by far the most versatile shoe. It’s comfortable, allows me to keep up with the kids, but looks great as long as they stay crisp white – wink! You can find them on Amazon right here. I prefer the white ones with the tan bottom only because it looks less bulky instead of solid white, but I wear them with skinny jeans or leggings and everything goes with them. I also have my eye on these pink classics from Reebok. They won’t go with nearly as much, but goodness gracious they are cute! And can a girl really have too many sneakers? The answer is no, friend – wink!

My latest finds and obsessions and I'm sharing about some of my favorite new sporty casual pieces and a killer pair of aviators! #StyleFinds #Quay #ReebokClassics #CozySweatshirt

Alright, this next one is one that I am shouting from the rooftops! If you have been around for a while you know that the only style I wear in sunglasses are aviators. Here’s the thing though, I have a slightly rounder face so the size of the aviators has to be just right. When you can get them larger than normal, it actually helps to thin your face out. And Quay? They are a fantastic brand and they sell an oversized aviator that I ordered and am completely smitten with. You can currently catch them on Amazon for only $50 and the best part is they look so much more expensive than that in person! They are sturdy and stay put which is another bonus too. You can catch more of their line and styles over on their website here.

My latest finds and obsessions and I'm sharing about some of my favorite new sporty casual pieces and a killer pair of aviators! #StyleFinds #Quay #ReebokClassics #CozySweatshirt

I’m always on the lookout for style finds and great beauty products on the market. Do you have a current favorite or something you can’t live without?

And I promise to round up a few more gems for next month so stay tuned!


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