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July 30, 2020

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The KL Shop has always been something that I have struggled with. Something that I brought to life many years ago, took down, brought back – you get the picture. It’s been a tug of war with big ideas I have for it and, what I’m sure is a lack of self-confidence. Because why in the world would anyone want to purchase my art? Or my designs? If you have been here for awhile I’m sure you can remember random times I have mentioned it and I am sure my lack of spotlight on it has been obvious. You’ve probably been left questioning my ability to even be a stable business owner – wink! However, ideas have kept coming to me as to what the shop could become and what I wanted to accomplish through it and I continued to sit and wait for more and more inspiration. Then 2020 happened. And I knew now was the time to dive in with both feet and not look back. I wanted to share with you something brand new and how you can be giving back with every purchase in the Kara Layne Shop.

Giving back with every purchase in the Kara Layne Shop. Find something that inspires you and be a part of something bigger #ArtPrints #DigitalArtPrint #PhotographyPrints #GivingBack #DigitalTemplates #DigitalDesign #Design

Now, when you purchase a photography print or design in the KL Shop, 25% will be donated equally to two organizations that have inspired me immensely and mean a lot to our family to give back to. Keep scrolling to learn more about each of these incredible organizations.

Heroes and Horses

Our family has always held our armed forces in the highest regard. Those who fight for our freedoms, the very ones we find in jeopardy today at this moment, deserve all of the support and aid we can offer as they work to get back to normal life after serving our great country and the American people. The Department of Veterans Affairs reported that 60,000 veterans died by suicide between 2008 and 2017. And I love what Heroes and Horses has to say about it – with 65,000 veteran-related nonprofits in the United States and billions spent on programs to assist veterans with reintegrating back into civilian life… “We don’t need more help. We need better help”.

I spent many years of my youth on the back of a horse and it was in those times that I truly learned the most. And if you have ever had the opportunity to be around horses, you understand the unique experience they provide that most often, cannot be put into words. Heroes and Horses is a unique experience that combines nature, horses, and therapy to offer combat veterans a chance at true, honest, and life-changing rehabilitation.

You can read more about all the work that they do here.

Giving back with every purchase in the Kara Layne Shop. Find something that inspires you and be a part of something bigger #ArtPrints #DigitalArtPrint #PhotographyPrints #GivingBack #DigitalTemplates #DigitalDesign #Design

Operation Underground Railroad

This year will go down in history as the year that opened our eyes to the true evil in our world. And the one at the very top is the treatment of children – from abortion to trafficking. Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad has been leading the charge in child sex trafficking since 2013. He and a team of literal superheroes have rescued thousands of kids from this awful reality and they are just getting started.  

Did you know that 800,000 children go missing from the United States alone every single year? Did you know the trafficking of people for sex, slave labor, and organ harvesting is the fastest growing criminal organization in the world? Upwards of $39 BILLION annually. And a quarter of all victims of modern slavery are children. That is 1 in every 4 children in the entire world! This is truly a global crisis and the true pandemic is pedophilia happening all around us. It’s time for us to get loud and stay loud for these kids who need our voices.

Learn more about Tim Ballard, his story as an ex CIA agent, and the creation of Underground Railroad and all they are doing here.

Giving back with every purchase in the Kara Layne Shop. Find something that inspires you and be a part of something bigger #ArtPrints #DigitalArtPrint #PhotographyPrints #GivingBack #DigitalTemplates #DigitalDesign #Design

Giving back with every purchase in the Kara Layne Shop will be ongoing and my hope is that our abilities to give back and to organizations doing incredible work will grow and grow. 2020 is the year that made it apparent how active we need to be in what is right and good and I need to be doing better in doing my part to fight for that good. Complacency be damned.

If you feel inspired, please visit the KL Shop here. There is SO much more to come that I am excited to share in the coming months. I hope it means something to you to be a part of something bigger in your purchase and support. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for that support. It always has and always will mean more than you know.




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