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April 30, 2015

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Well, hello lovely! The all-new studio order form template for professional photographers is now available in the shop!

Order form template for professional photographers |


There are two ways to go about incorporating the order form into your workflow. I have used it both ways so let me walk you through each:

1. For you pen and paper friends. I totally am so I get it. Once you have customized the form by adding your logo, go ahead and print it out and use for your next client meeting or in-person sales appointment. A well branded piece that will only make you look that much more established when presenting yourself in front of clients. Take down your client’s order right there including print or product size, finish, quantity, price, etc. Once you have taken down their order, add up the total investment and jot it down for the sub-total.

*Shameless plug… pair this with the studio invoice template and handle all of the paper work as needed for your client’s order right there and with beautifully branded forms.

Keep the order form to use once the order is ready to process and add to your client’s file in your studio.


Order form template for professional photographers |


2. For those of you who moved into all things digital. Once I moved into an online management system for my studio it made sense that everything would go to digital. With that, I wanted to make sure that all my forms could be handled digitally as well.

You will want to choose your favorite PDF app for your iPad, tablet or mobile device. The two I like best are PDF Expert and Sign Easy. They both allow you to add text to a PDF document or write directly onto it. (You can find my favorite stylus right here.) So once you have your client’s order finalized, add up the investment sub-total, fill out a digital invoice for the final total (#SeeWhatIDidThere), save both documents and add directly into your studio management system or your studio’s digital filing system. It also will allow you to email it directly to your clients right then and there.


Order form template for professional photographers |


And there you have it! A beautiful piece to add to your arsenal and helping you put your best foot forward. And if you would like to stay up to date with all new releases, be sure and subscribe here.


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