Style Sunday: A Boot Obsession


July 13, 2014

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(Images via Free People and Pinterest)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have developed a slight boot obsession over the years. It might be borderline of “addiction” status, but I cannot apologize. I love my boots. Even in the Arizona summers, I will find any opportunity to still get away with wearing boots. I am a walking fashion faux pas. Hopefully one of these days I will move out of the desert and find myself instantly a trendy, boot wearin’ woman year round. I’ll keep you updated. For now, I will continue to break fashion rules.

I have also developed quite the guidelines for the type of boot I will buy and wear. I want them to look great, but I want them to FUNCTION. I am constantly chasing miniatures, tromping on location, working behind the camera and I find that my boots hold up with all of the above and give me just the right amount of style without sacrificing comfort. Win – win.

When I am looking for boots, I have four guidelines that I personally go by. Unfortunately for my husband, he can rarely gift me a pair of boots because of these, but he makes up for it in allowing us to go together to pick some out. First up…



Shaft height is the number one. For me and the length of my legs, the 14″ to 17″ range are the perfect cut. I cannot stand the “bootie” look. If it were up to me, they would be outlawed. I know, pretty harsh and I know they are top of the trends these days, but I still can’t jump on the bandwagon. The closest I have gotten is the combat boot look which I am really starting to love and might just have to find a pair for this Fall!

And above the knee isn’t for me either. Mostly because when I am bending down or sitting down with my legs crossed, the leather behind my knee will actually start to hurt when it bunches and folds.



Pointed toes are so not my cup of tea in the boot department. I like my boots with a more masculine mold and the broader toe is a must!




Heel height is key as well. Remember the tromping on location and managing miniatures? I love stilettos, but not on my boots. And the whole wedge look? No thank you. They have to be the riding boot style with a flat, rubber, barely-there heel.



Lastly is the actual finish of the leather. I was always the kid that would rough up my brand new shoes in the dirt and on the pavement because I hated the way new shoes looked. I like ’em worn in and rough around the edges.

For those of you who might be nodding your head along with what I am saying, Steve Madden is my number one go-to brand for boots that give me this type of look. Love their boots and they LAST. I am going on four years with one of my pairs and they are showing no signs of stopping.

As we are heading into the last half of the year and, as always, my busy season for shooting, I have my eye on just a few pairs:


“Heisnbrg” by Steve Madden / “Reckless” by Free People


“Bryant” by Steve Madden / “Bristol” by Bed Stu / Lace-Up Combat by Charlotte Russe


It should come as no surprise that I have dedicated a Pinterest board to my obsession. Take a looksey right here and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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