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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids with Haus of Layne. Wonderful gift ideas for the fashionista, the athlete, the home body, the tech lover and even the jewelry lover. #Holidays #GiftGuide

So far I have shared gift guides this year for Him and Her. Today I am finally getting around to sharing with you the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids. Now, I want this guide to be helpful, but I also wanted to know what I was talking about and offer helpful and friendly advice so you can feel confident in a friend’s opinion or review on something. So instead of covering every age, especially those that I don’t have experience with yet as a parent, I went ahead and based these gift ideas off of what we have on our own shopping list for our kiddos as well as past gifts and items we have purchased for them and love. Start scrolling!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids with Haus of Layne. Wonderful gift ideas for the fashionista, the athlete, the home body, the tech lover and even the jewelry lover. #Holidays #GiftGuide The first part of this guide will give you ideas for the newborns up to about 18 to 24 months of age. Because Brooks will only be 3 months old at Christmas and not remember a single thing, I’m going to make it really easy on myself and buy things he needs. There will definitely be additions to his wardrobe, but below has a few items that I added to my shopping list as well as ones that we already have and our other babes have enjoyed.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids with Haus of Layne. Wonderful gift ideas for the fashionista, the athlete, the home body, the tech lover and even the jewelry lover. #Holidays #GiftGuide

  1. Discovery play mats are so wonderful to have for Baby when he or she begin interacting more. And because our sweet Brooks was a complete surprise you better believe that we kept NOTHING from our last babe. So I am in the market and I have my eye on this darling teepee style one by Infantino at Target.
  2. I always like to purchase something seasonal for each of the kids and this set of Monique Lhullier Cable Knit Beanie and Bootie set from Pottery Barn Kids is perfect and a great buy at only $29.50!
  3. This time of year, no one with a new baby can have enough blankets. This Emily & Meritt Knit one comes in such a fun pattern.
  4. Beginning with Blake, this toy has been such a hit with each of our little ones. And V-Tech really knows their stuff because the Move-And-Crawl Ball is one we are definitely re-buying for Brooks.
  5. I adore the design of this activity cube from B.Toys sold at Target – and the kids love it!
  6. No one can resist a baby, but a baby in furryanimal slippers?! Goodness gracious. Love these by Pottery Barn Kids.


Next up are ideas and my list for our Miss Blair who is 4.5 years old and Owen who just turned six. What is nice is that they are close enough in age where they are somewhat enjoying the same things so larger toys like the art easel and sit n’ spin can be shared and enjoyed by both.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids with Haus of Layne. Wonderful gift ideas for the fashionista, the athlete, the home body, the tech lover and even the jewelry lover. #Holidays #GiftGuide

  1. Move nights are religious in our home so I thought sleeping bags would be so fun for the two of them. Pottery Barn Kids has these great customizable shaggy head sleeping bags that are darling.
  2. This Melissa & Doug Easel would make an awesome gift and is currently on sale for only $51.99!
  3. One gift I remember loving as a kid was a personalized book my parents had made for my older sister and I. This company is one that I have heard great reviews on from other moms so I am planning on creating something for both Blair and Owen through them.
  4. We have purchased quite a few scooters in the past with having the amount of cubs that we do, but Owen just got this one for his birthday last week and it is by far our favorite one!
  5. Please tell me that you fellow 80’s kids remember spinning for hours on our linoleum kitchen floors on those things! I was pretty excited to see that they are still making them because we have to get one. For the kids, of course – wink!
  6. Miss Blair talks a lot about Shopkins and Num Noms. And while I don’t know extensive amounts on either, I did find this great carrying case for her to keep them all in one place.
  7. And then a smaller sized pack of Num Noms so she can start collecting.
  8. Earlier this summer for Blair’s 4th birthday, we gifted her an Our Generation doll. I love this brand from Target which gives you that same look and feel of the American Girl Doll line, but much more reasonable in price. They have so many things to purchase with the dolls, so I have my eye on this new winter outfit for her’s and maybe a few other things.
  9. Lego’s are a big hit in our house and we all enjoy playing with them. So of course we will be shopping for new sets and I have my eye on this Avenger’s one for Owen.
  10. Comic book heroes are a big hit with Owen’s age group right now (okay, everyone) and I love this Hawkeye Bow for him – less than $30 through Amazon!
  11. When it comes to electronics and devices, we try not to go overboard and because Blair and Owen are still quite young to be trusted with expensive ones, we purchased two of the Kids Fire Tablets last Christmas. While they are obviously not as robust as the Apple products we love dearly in our home, they definitely do the job and have been wonderful for both of them! Not to mention, that kids case is absolutely indestructible!
  12. If you follow me on IG, you have heard me talk about the KidsKraft vintage kitchen we jumped on and bought on Black Friday for Blair (you can still score it for under $100!). So of course I am searching for the cutest accessories to go with it and these pretend donuts are a must!
  13. Another V-Tech toy that I have my eye on and I think Owen would love this camera!
  14. The kids got the Nintendo WiiU two years ago and we have loved it so this year we are planning on adding some games to our collection and Splatoon is one that Owen and Blair both talk about and we have heard good things about.
  15. Do we all remember that lady in the video with the Chewbacca mask that went viral? For all of those kids that are Star Wars fans, here it is!


Last up are the ideas we have for our Miss Blake who is 9 and Tanner who will be turning 12 soon. When it comes to these two, we have noticed that have graduated through toys pretty quickly and enjoy a little bit more mature things. However, they will still find time to enjoy a good LEGO build or have a friendly competition on MarioKart.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids with Haus of Layne. Wonderful gift ideas for the fashionista, the athlete, the home body, the tech lover and even the jewelry lover. #Holidays #GiftGuide

  1. Blake LOVES hanging out in her room and will hang out on her bed doing homework, sketching or doodling so I thought this lapdesk from Pottery Barn Kids would be such a good fit.
  2. Another WiiU game we plan to add to the collection and I think it will be a big hit with them.
  3. This might be my favorite gift we are purchasing. Tanner has his own phone and loves listening to music – even when he is skateboarding on our family walks and when he goes out and about in the neighborhood. However, I have such a hard time seeing him on a skateboard with such an expensive electronic in his hand. This is a bluetooth beanie and it comes in a variety of styles. How brilliant is that! And you can catch it on sale right now for under $40!
  4. We have our eye on an outdoor basketball hoop for the whole family this year and this one is currently $60 off on Amazon!
  5. This scarf from Abercrombie Kids would be right up Blake’s alley.
  6. We love the Ten Toes brand ever since we bought Tanner’s long board last year – such great designs! We have our eye on this one for Blake and I love that the price is reasonable as well for the amazing quality they are.
  7. Tanner has been asking for a Cardinals jersey for awhile now so be sure and check out the fan wear for your little one’s favorite team!
  8. Another thought for Tanner was his need for an official wallet now that he is a young man. My idea is to purchase this Tommy Hilfiger one and then fill it with some cash.
  9. While we are not the most obsessed fans, we do love Harry Potter. And I just about died when I saw THIS from Pottery Barn Kids. How cool is that?! They actually have an entire Harry Potter line!
  10. Another LEGO set and this one will be for Blake – we love them!
  11. Blake will be getting an iPhone this Christmas (I will be blogging more about kids and devices and how we approach it in our home next week), but I loved this personalized charging keychain for her to go with it.
  12. And these stuffed animal bluetooth speakers are just about the cutest thing and currently on sale for under $50!
  13. Because we are Apple users and purchase all music and movies through iTunes (we don’t own a single DVD and it is heaven), the kids always love getting iTunes gift cards to buy the latest songs they are loving, new movies they want or apps they have their eye on.
  14. Loving this parka for Tanner from Abercrombie Kids and I love it even more that their outerwear is all on sale right now. You can score this one for less than $75 marked down from $120!
  15. Blake absolutely loves Rosanna from Nerdy Nummies. She already has her cookbook and is now excited about her new line of baking tools. I snagged these cookie cutters for her that are currently half off!

I hope you found this guide helpful and perhaps it gave you ideas with your own gifting!

November 30, 2017


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