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Back-to-School Teacher Gift Idea and a FREE printable! | #BackToSchool #FreePrintable

*Update: We have since made the leap into home educating, but I truly loved the tradition of welcoming our teachers back with a thoughtful gift and including the kids in putting them together. I hope you find some inspiration with this one and enjoy the free download to help make life just a little easier with all of the back-to-school craze!

We always love to treat our teachers on the first day of school. I cannot imagine the amount they go through that first, first week, and even first month as they try and tame the wiggles from kids being on summer vacation and filling their minds with all of the material they need to teach. I wanted to make sure and share with you a back-to-school gift idea for the teachers that we are putting together for ours this year!

When we first started the school experience, I would do bigger and more lavish gifts on the first day, but then quickly learned the error of my ways. When you are facing birthdays, holidays, and classroom donations, it’s not always wise to jump out the gate with the biggest thing. I have learned to build up a bit, especially with all that our own family is going through in preparing for a new school year.

This year we are gifting cookies which I think the teachers appreciate the little bit of guilty pleasure that comes with that as well as the effect chocolate can have on one’s stress levels. Teachers, us parents thank you. We simply make buy our favorite cookies, fill a goodie bag with several and add a tag signed for each of our students. I’m then handing them out as we go from classroom to classroom that first morning getting our kiddos settled.

Easy and simple. And of course, I totally have your back with the free printable so you and your family can make your own cookie goodie bags. Snag the free download right here and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for tuning in this week for the Back-To-School Extravaganza and I hope each of your kids has a magical year and here is to us parents surviving it 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

August 5, 2016


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