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A bump update at 30 weeks and dealing with gestational diabetes | HausOfLayne.com #Pregnancy #BabyBump #GestationalDiabetes

I really thought I would be sharing more of these updates along the way, but #RealLife, you know? Back to school everything was crazy in getting all of the supplies and clothes the kids needed, getting everyone back on a regular sleep schedule, prepping for school lunches and faster breakfasts, all on top of keeping up with work/deadlines and soaking up the last bit of down time we had. It could easily be because I’m pregnant and my energy levels are less than stellar, but does anyone else feel it’s a marathon getting everyone prepped and ready for another school year? Anyway, onto a bump update at 30 weeks!

As we raced through all of that towards the finish line of summer, we were completely sidetracked with the news that I tested positive for gestational diabetes [insert crying, a few expletives, griping and moaning here]. I felt every emotion possible as we absorbed the news and what it meant for the remaining 10 weeks of this pregnancy. My initial reaction and thoughts were two-fold. One, I was upset with myself because it made it possibly more apparent how much my health declined over the last several years that resulted in a complete breakdown last fall. So I was angry at not having it together as well as I should have in the self-care department. Especially being a mother of five little ones who need me around. However, I am trying to remind myself that perfectly healthy women develop GD because it all has to do with the hormones produced during pregnancy and what they adjust and the fact that your body becomes naturally more resistant to insulin while pregnant.

Second part of my initial reaction was absolute fear. I know we will do everything we need to that will ensure a safe and healthy delivery for this little one and get through this pregnancy, but my fear is more in the “after”. Having gestational diabetes does not mean that you have diabetes following pregnancy. It simply increases your chances at developing Type 2 Diabetes later in life. About a 50% chance. With a father who had heart disease and passed away during my childhood, a grandfather who had diabetes that caused major complications with the rest of his health struggles and is no longer with us to my history of blood clots, no wonder I find myself completely worried (and those pregnancy hormones definitely don’t help the emotions).

Don’t get me wrong, I know things could be far worse and we are blessed if this is our biggest problem we have to face, but if there was one pregnancy I needed to have be as easy as possible and float through out of all of them, it would have been this one. Only because of what I faced last fall and then being completely surprised by this little one just a few months after that. Deep breaths, right?

A bump update at 30 weeks and dealing with gestational diabetes | HausOfLayne.com #Pregnancy #BabyBump #GestationalDiabetes

So here we are. Thirty weeks. We just met with the specialist yesterday for an ultrasound to see how Baby is doing as well as to discuss the next steps in managing things with gestational diabetes. First off, things all look healthy with our little guy. It was a wave of relief and I definitely broke down in tears for a second there in the office. He is measuring right now around the 65th percentile in size, but nothing that they are concerned with is being caused by GD (which may cause Baby to be bigger than average) and no plans for an earlier delivery. We are on the taller side in our family and we have always had long babies so nothing is surprising yet. He is also weighing about 4 LBS right now which makes sense with how hard his kicks have been already! And while it can sometimes get a bit painful, it’s been so much fun watching the kids see him move and feel him when they sit next to me relaxing in bed.

As for the GD, we were informed of my test results following the 3 hour glucose test and I barely didn’t pass. I was overjoyed at that news because it means my blood sugar levels are not so extreme that they are going to put me on insulin. The doctor assured me of her confidence that I can manage my levels and get to where I need to be just by dietary changes and modifications. I do have to test my blood levels 4 times a day (this is cake compared to our first two pregnancies that required me to do blood thinner injections twice a day, in my stomach for 9 months – ouch!) as well as actually eat 3 meals and snacks in-between which I am struggling with more than anything else. Ridiculous, right? But as a working mama, there are many days that I realize I haven’t eaten and it’s already 11:00 AM. I know this is not healthy one bit, but sometimes you are in survival mode, ya know?

My weight gain has adjusted a bit as we enter this world of dietary changes. When they took my weight yesterday, I was actually down about 6 lbs just from the adjustments I have started to make over the past week. The specialist said she is not concerned at all as long as we see the decrease in weight start to plateau. Cravings are absolutely still there and now it’s anything sweet because it’s what I can’t have. Nothing makes you want sugar more than someone telling you that you can’t have it!

A bump update at 30 weeks and dealing with gestational diabetes | HausOfLayne.com #Pregnancy #BabyBump #GestationalDiabetes

I am completely over the heat here in the desert and I am escaping to the pool or my bedroom with several fans pointed at me and the AC cranked down as often as I can. Body aches are alive and well and I am currently getting limited sleep between shifting my position all night, getting up to go to the restroom or Baby Boy kicking. I guess I’ll take care of that sleep thing when I’m dead, right? Wink!

Despite the stumbling block, I am doing my best to keep my eye on the prize. Keeping my view on the entire forest and not the one tree that stands in our way. I’m also trying to be patient with myself as we navigate through this and learn the ropes, but I am so extremely grateful for a husband that is taking care of every single thing I need as well as a gang of kiddos who are doting on their mother and excitedly planning for their little brother. Remembering the blessings, always.

I will continue sharing during the journey and for those of you who want to catch a bit more, simply follow along over on Instagram. A huge thank you to each of you who have sent well wishes and love – it means the world! Onward and upward as we finish out this marathon!

August 11, 2017


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