Casual Friday: 75 Hard, Photo of the Week, and Being Prepared


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Casual Friday! #75Hard, emergency preparedness, and my favorite photo from this week. Catch it all on

I hope you have had a wonderful week, friend! Thank you so much for being here! We were supposed to get snow Wednesday and it barely came so I have my fingers crossed for Monday. Remember, I am just barely out of 34 years spent in the desert so snow is still a novelty. How is the weather where you are at?

Diving into another edition of Casual Friday and we are chatting about #75Hard, my favorite photograph of the week, and being prepared.


My original goal was to start this program last September. I was 2.5 weeks in and then my mother came to visit and between soaking in time with her as well as work, I could not keep up. And then the holidays, and… excuses, I know! It’s a rigorous program and it’s taken me a bit to get myself back into the mindset to do it again. That’s most of the battle, to be honest.

So here we are and I am starting Saturday. What I love about the #75Hard challenge is that it is more about your mental strength more than anything. And it’s about establishing habits that will stick. I am not going into this with any sort of weight or size goal. I try to never lead with goals like that when it comes to challenges and my workout regimen. My workout routine has needed to get back to being consistent to combat the stomach ailments I am dealing with as well as helping to keep anxiety at bay. And mostly? I have an addictive personality. It’s why burnout and working too much has always been a struggle for me. It’s why I spent years on energy drinks to keep up with the grind. I need to channel that energy into an addiction that builds mentally and physically, instead of breaking me down. 

Casual Friday! #75Hard, my obsession with quilts, and my favorite photo from this week. Catch it all on

And I won’t be following a diet specifically. Simply intuitive eating, low FODMAP, and no sugars. For workouts, I will be using the SWEAT app and BBG which I love. When I did those 2.5 weeks last fall I was amazed at how much of a difference I saw and felt in such a short amount of time. This time? The entire 75 days. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was nervous to make it happen. And while this year I want to simply make more moves and fewer announcements, I know how much of a motivator accountability can be – wink!

So, starting Saturday would put me at April 14th as a completion date. You’ll have to chime in and let me know if you want any peeks into this challenge and what progress I experience. Otherwise, consider this my sign off and I will see you on the other side of it.

Favorite photograph of the week

We had a ransom day of 65 degrees and sunny skies this week so we all rushed out the door when Dad got home to enjoy the park. This little one loves the park and watching him light up over going down, again and again, is just the best. I grabbed this one of him and goodness gracious, why does he look ten years old?! It’s going by so fast. It seems like yesterday when we brought him home and just like that our family was complete. He literally melts every single one of us.

Casual Friday! #75Hard, my obsession with quilts, and my favorite photo from this week. Catch it all on

(To take this I simply used my iPhone 11 Max Pro on portrait mode, knelt down at the level of the slide, and got lucky with snapping at the right moment)

Emergency preparedness

Something that has been heavy on our minds since last March when the Nashville tornado hit is emergency preparedness. Let me back up, though. I have always had this excitable nature when it comes to preparedness. And with me needing to do things in an extra way you can imagine what this turns into. Jarett had to cut me off from those “off the grid” documentaries years ago! 

In all seriousness, even though it was on our minds following the tornado, this entire past year has really amped up our desire to be prepared in all things. And I think this subject can be one where you have two types of people. Those who immediately scoff, think it’s crazy, and mutter something about conspiracy theories and then those who understand that anything can happen at any time and being prepared is a smart choice. I don’t know about you, but if anything hits the fan I would rather not be standing in line at a FEMA camp, you know?

Casual Friday! #75Hard, emergency preparedness, and my favorite photo from this week. Catch it all on

There is a peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing that if things go down that you can take care of yourself and your family. We are starting with our “bug out” bags, but will be continuing on from there. I will absolutely be sharing more in depth about this in the very near future and also other things our family is doing to grow more self-sufficient. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure and share the list of things I have been purchasing and finding for our family. You can find it all over on my Amazon affiliate page here in my “preparedness” section.

What about you? Is your family feeling the nudge to get prepared?

Casual Friday! #75Hard, emergency preparedness, and my favorite photo from this week. Catch it all on


Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friend!

January 29, 2021


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