Casual Friday: Mama Bears, Rental Mind Shift, & Target Finds


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Another edition of Casual Friday and I am chatting being first timers, shifting our mindset as renters, and my favorite summer finds at Target. Catch it all on!

Whew! What a week. Everything is in full swing which means I spend my days being chauffer 😉 Not complaining in the slightest because it is absolutely wonderful to see the kids back to sports, activities, and normal life. What are you and your family up to for the summer?

It has also felt so good to get back to business around here and it’s been a full week of new things to share. Wrapping it up with another edition of Casual Friday!

The role of mama bears

Since her diagnosis and experience in the ICU, Blair and I have been inseparable. I have seen that experience change her in a way that is hard to watch. Where she used to have confidence, she second-guesses herself. Where she used to be independent, she reaches for me. And right now my job as her mother is to give her what she needs. She needs time to heal both physically as well as mentally. 

We hear a lot about how resilient kids are. That’s all we heard in the hospital. I think it’s a doctor or nurse’s way of calming fears and keeping parents from worrying. But is it that they are so resilient? Or is it simply easier for us as adults to dismiss them? Physically, yes. If you are a parent and have been through a scare or accident with your little one, you know that kids are very physically resilient. However, I am watching her and seeing the effect it all has had on her mind, spirit, and confidence. And it’s one of the hardest things I have had to watch.

This past week she had the chance to attend an art camp that her church leaders put on with all the girls in her age group. She talked about it for weeks leading up to it. And while it didn’t come without fearful tears and needing to know that I was in the building the entire two hours each of the three days, she did it. And she had a blast. She met new friends and even one that wears a Dexcom like her. It is the most wonderful thing to see your child spread their wings, even if it is just a little bit.

We had to document it with a car selfie together. 

Another edition of Casual Friday and I am chatting being first timers, shifting our mindset as renters, and my favorite summer finds at Target. Catch it all on!

On the outside, it would be easy to assume that I am an overprotective mother, that I am hovering. After all, one knows the extent of what she went through. You can’t see it from the outside. 

But this week reminded me that our children need us in different ways in different seasons. And we are innately blessed with intuition in what those needs are, with the most natural and animalistic instincts in caring for our cubs. Never second guess yourself as a mother. And never hesitate in what your child needs from you in whatever season you are in because of outside opinion. It would have been really easy for me to push her harder and make her go by herself. Or lose my patience when she got scared and take her home. All so I didn’t have to be the only mom in the room. But watching her gain that little bit of confidence, seeing her work through fear and choose for herself? That will do more for her than anything else in getting back to herself.

And I am just so damn proud of this kid.

Rental mind shift

Back in March, I shared the gut punch we got in the endeavor of buying a home. Since then we got hit again with the fact that rentals are ridiculous right now. If you are currently trying to make a move or needing a temporary place you know exactly what I mean. Rental prices have raised even higher and we have heard horror stories of renters having their lease pulled from under them. Why? Because with a market like the current one and not knowing when the fallout will happen, homeowners are wanting to cash in. We have heard about so many being pushed out of their rentals. Unfortunately, even though we would love more space and to be out of our sweet, humble apartment, the idea of going through a situation like that had us doubting if it was worth making a move right now. As a family of seven, finding another rental easily if we were to be pushed out of one would be a horrible situation. Between that and also paying far more in a rental, we have decided to stay put. Once again. For another year. 

Are you dealing with the negatives of the current market right now? If so, we are right there with you!

Because of this change and to combat the negative feelings I have towards the situation and that overwhelming feeling of being stuck, I am embracing this apartment in a whole new way. Finally. After two years. In my defense, I was only mentally prepared to be here for one year. And the past year doesn’t count since, well… I will stop there. But I have missed creating inspiring spaces for our family. I have missed curating the feeling of home. And that can be no matter the circumstance. It’s time I pull my head out of my rear end.

So I am diving into home projects, making temporary rental-friendly changes to our space, and really making it feel like I should have all along. I truly believe that we can love the spaces we are in, even if they are temporary. After all, who knows. We could be here a fourth year with how things are going – wink!

Basically, just get ready for a lot more design, DIY, and home visuals around here!

Picture of the week

Blake is headed off to girls camp next week and I am packing a few surprise gifts for her to open each day she is gone. Jarett and I took the two littles and headed to Main Street to find some goodies for her. Franklin’s Main Street right now is all ready for Fourth of July with street light banners lining the street and bunting flags on shop windows. I watched Blair and Brooks browse the shelves in White’s Mercantile, Johnny Cash music played softly throughout the shop, the sound of street performers just outside, and goodness gracious. I am just so grateful we call this place home. Everything about it makes me smile and I have never felt more like myself. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Another edition of Casual Friday and I am chatting being first timers, shifting our mindset as renters, and my favorite summer finds at Target. Catch it all on!

Favorite summer finds at Target

Anyone else realizing how little they find themselves in their usual stores these days? I walked into Target the other day and was blown away by the things I browse. Some awesome things that I have picked up for our home and I wanted to make sure and share my finds with you! P.S. Per usual, Hearth & Hand by Magnolia is killing it!

June 25, 2021


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