Casual Friday: The Renters Life, Tornadoes, and Some Motivation


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Casual Friday over on! We are chatting tornadoes, the home renters life, and motivation. Dive in with me!

Last night was a bit more dramatic than we were hoping for! Just slightly. A big storm moved through the south and we were on high alert all day yesterday. I hear Alabama suffered some damage from tornadoes that touched down and we are praying for anyone that was affected. It was the closest call we have had with a tornado. And while we thought it was over, we got word that there were tornadoes just south of us and to the east of us. It felt like we were surrounded for a bit, but thankfully it ended calmly. These storms always have me on the edge of my seat, and more so since the Nashville tornado last spring. There is literally no warning with these things and that is the scariest part.

And then today we wake up to the most beautiful blue spring skies. Getting these cubs through their home studies today so we can get out and enjoy it!

But first, let’s dive into another edition of Casual Friday!

Casual Friday over on! We are chatting tornadoes, the home renters life, and motivation. Dive in with me!

The Renters Life

Anyway, an update on our upcoming move in June. I know it’s been a bit since I have talked about it. And if you follow me on Instagram you have seen me share some of our drives as we have scouted different areas and neighborhoods here in Nashville. We truly had the highest hopes that we would finally be buying a home. With our lease being up in June and after cramming our family of seven into this cozy apartment for the past two years, we are ready to move on. Grateful for this place and the way it welcomed us to a brand new city that we had never been to, but ready to move on. 

As we discussed things with our mortgage loan officer during the winter and as he reviewed things for us, we were hit with some disappointing news. We knew that purchasing a home would have us jumping through hoops since I am self-employed. It’s just the name of the game for entrepreneurs and we knew that going into it. However, what we didn’t account for was the closure of my design business. Last spring I officially shut the doors to Kara Layne & Co, a branding and design business that I had built. While that was such a bittersweet pivot, it, unfortunately, shows as a “loss” on paper. And because it hasn’t even been a year, any bank would look at that and deny us a loan. 

*Gut punch

We were so heartbroken to hear that news back in February. Especially because making that pivot professionally was the best thing I could have done. For myself and for our family. While I loved the work I did within the brand identity and design industry, it came to a point where I had to choose – more work or more freedom. I had built up a clientele that had bigger spending budgets to invest with, but that also meant more expectations. And I was faced with either continuing forward and building a team to free myself up more or pivoting away from it.

In the end, our ultimate goal as a family is freedom and flexibility. I don’t want to be chained to my desk and have my life dictated by deadlines. So, I pivoted. Closing the doors to Kara Layne & Co, focusing solely on this space here, creating content, while also building up other avenues of residual income for our family was the best move I could have made this past year. And I don’t regret it for a second. 

But all that leaves us right here. Needing to upgrade in space for our family. These kids need a backyard and a bit more space. So we will not be staying where we are currently at… which means finding another home to rent. I have always been grateful for the homes we have rented over the years. Especially since it has taken us some time to figure out where home is. And we have always had great relationships with the owners, but it’s not the same as being in a home that you can do what you want with. And in my line of work, it’s hard to find a rental that checks all the boxes.

You know what would be the ultimate dream? Finding someone who wanted to invest in real estate. Who would allow us to rent from them while also upgrading the space. Who would trust us to truly make it an amazing place. That would be incredible. Jarett and I have so many ideas and things we want to do – we are literally itching to demo some walls and install some backsplash. However, we are still in a season of waiting for our home. The home that will allow us to build the homestead we have dreamed of for our family. I know it will come – I’m sure of it – but the seasons of waiting can be hard and uncomfortable. Solidarity for any of my fellow home renters out there patiently waiting to call a place their own.

In the meantime, we will be searching for a wonderful rental home that will temporarily give us what we need. Unless you happen to be a real estate investor and looking to partner up on something amazing in the best city ever for the next year or so? Wink!

No, but seriously.

Casual Friday over on! We are chatting tornadoes, the home renters life, and motivation. Dive in with me!

(Found via Pinterest. Holding tight to this vision.)

Some motivation

I came across something this week that hit me hard. Not only for myself but the friends and people I have talked with. Those who want so badly to start something, to build something, to create something only to get in their own way.

But how often are we all doing this? How often are we assuming it’s outside reasons or things we can’t control? But the reality is that we do have control. The remote is literally in our hands. It’s where we choose to put our time and energy.

I will never forget a conversation I had with someone a year or so ago. She asked about one of the ways our family is building residual income. In sharing with her about it, she asked if it has been hard. And I said, well of course! Nothing worth building is ever going to be easy, but we are being blessed by what is growing because of that effort. She then responded with, “I would love to do something like that, but when would I find time to watch my TV shows?”

*Jaw drop

The time is now. Not when we find the time. Not when things are better. The breath is in our lungs now. We are living RIGHT NOW. We have the power to make things better. We can customize it. We can create what it is we wish for. We just have to be willing to get our hands dirty and have some staying power.

Casual Friday over on! We are chatting tornadoes, the home renters life, and motivation. Dive in with me!

Whew. I get fired up on this subject so let me calm down for a moment – ha! Anyone else?

Is there something that you have on your mind? Something you want to do? Leave me a comment below or message me because I would love to cheer you on in it. I see you, friend. I know the self-doubt, the outside opinions – all of it. I see you. And I’m here when you need a running buddy. 

I hope you had a wonderful week and happy Friday! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

March 26, 2021


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