Dinner Tables, Dreams, & Fitting In


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Dinner tables, dreams, and fitting in. My thoughts on home being a place where one can dream big. Read more at KaraLayne.com

There’s something you must know about me. Growing up, I was the kid who wasn’t quite sure how to fit comfortably in a room. I bubbled over with creativity, imagination, and passion. Everything sparked ideas and interests, I’m sure I often overwhelmed others. And even at a young age, I remember trying my hardest to turn down the volume on those aspects of myself in order to not make others feel uncomfortable. I’m sure there are other highly creative, grown adults who can probably relate to going through childhood like that. 

The other night at the dinner table the conversation quickly turned to, as it always does, and what we are working towards and holding space for – a homestead of our own. All of us lit up with excitement as we spoke of things we want to create, to build, and to make happen. The kids spoke of the animals they want to add to the land and the projects they have their minds set on. The conversation oozed with excitement as kids talked over each other simply because they had something that built on another’s idea – they just couldn’t contain themselves. 

I sat back in my chair and just watched for a moment. SIx sets of eyes that sparkled as they spoke. And in that moment I wondered to myself…

How in the world did someone like me get so lucky? To do life with six other humans who make me feel so incredibly normal. Who think and dream as big as I do. Me, the girl who grew up being too much and not quite knowing how to fit in a room. 

Yet here I am. Fitting in like I always wanted to.

Dinner tables, dreams, and fitting in. My thoughts on home being a place where one can dream big. Read more at KaraLayne.com

Those big ideas and even bigger dreams? I know without a doubt that I am a better person for going after them. We all are. Because even when we fall short, we are better than we were yesterday. Skills learned, perseverance cultivated, and confidence built. And isn’t that the point of our time spent in this life? To grow and become the best we can be?

I don’t know much, but what I am absolutely certain of without a shadow of a doubt is this: home is a better place when we make space for dreaming. When we allow young minds to think without restriction, without limits. When we normalize conversations around dreams, when child and adult alike can approach life with a belief that anything is possible, I believe that anything is possible. Because it is through that practice that unwavering confidence is built. It is fueling a flame that will forge a path through any obstacle faced. Because we are made for great things.

As for me and mine? We’ve got eyes fixated on what is ahead. Sparkle and all.

January 23, 2022


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