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DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

I am so excited to share with you DIY holiday gift wrap inspiration that is sure to fulfill all of your maker wishes as well as knock your loved ones’ socks off with each gift you hand out this year. Because who can resist a gift that looks just as good on the outside with the gift that is waiting on the inside?

And the best part? I am going to show you what I buy in bulk to make gift wrapping more affordable and last you much, much longer than the expensive and terribly made stuff in the store. We all know that wrapping paper we grab way too much of and then are shouting expletives at while trying to wrap gifts while seeing the paper tear over box corners like tissue paper and ripping while trying to glide scissors through. What a headache!

Keep scrolling to find out more, to get inspired by a few different looks as well as the list of supplies to get the job done!

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

I have learned through buying plenty of different gift wrap that I enjoy a more basic base for wrapping presents because everything carried in the store is utter garbage. You know what I’m taking about – the thinnest paper that when wrapping a gift, the corners are immediately poking through, too tight of a grip and the present is ripping open and by the time Christmas Day rolls around, you have patched everything up with scotch tape to the point that it looks like your gift was wrapped by your toddler. Absolutely miserable. Let me introduce you to the most genius idea I think I have ever had – bulk ordering all of my wrapping supplies and keeping the wrapping paper part of Christmas very basic… but not at the same time in the best way ever. It not only allows me to get more creative, but it also means I don’t run out of supplies because it will last me the entire year as well as next Christmas and everything in between over the next 365 days starting January 1st.

I order industrial size rolls of kraft paper and black paper and then I will may be add a patterned option or two in a more expensive brand only to make sure the quality and lack of frustration is there when getting the job done. I love this kraft plaid one and this set of five patterns both by JAM.

As for extras, I make sure to have basic black satin ribbon in three different widths depending on the size of gift (3 inches wide, 1.5″ inches wide, and 3/8 inches wide). I also add extras such as baker’s twine and jute twine.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

This first look is a more rustic feel with the mix of black wrap and natural elements of pine and berry.  I started by wrapping jute twin several times around the package to give it a little bit more leverage and simply finished it off as a knot. All I did to finish it off was slide in a berry and pine stem found at my local craft store (I suggest adding just a small dot of hot glue to keep it stable) and then a kraft tag. Easy, simple and gorgeous.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

A more simple option is a thin black satin ribbon wrapped in a bow around your kraft wrapping and top it off with a regular size or mini clothespin for the gift tag.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

The next idea gets down and dirty, but it is such a fun look. You can use white or black paint on kraft wrapping paper or white paint on black – both are just as beautiful. Simply dip an old toothbrush into the paint, point towards your wrapped gift and run your thumb backwards towards you. It gives a great, but soft splatter effect.

Add a candy cane for a pop of color and remember to give your ribbon an angled finish!

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

The next one is another more creative look and when used with black wrapping, it gives a chalkboard effect. I use the Sharpie Poster Paint Marker in white to do this (you can also do it in gold) and you simply will want to create your own pattern. Remember to not overthink and don’t worry about being perfect. The tiny imperfections really give it a great feel. I topped this one off with bakers twine and a matching black tag.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

Wanting a more simple and refined look? Simply add a wide black satin ribbon to a black wrapped gift or kraft wrapped gift. And for that pop of color? Simply add a red berry stem that you can find at Target or your local craft store for a dollar.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging


My last two tips to get your gifts looking great are…

  1. USE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE. This allows you to adhere those ends without showing the actual scotch tape on the outside. It will change your life and change the look of your wrapped gifts! You can thank me later!
  2. And make sure and create that great even V-cut on the end of your bow tails. It’s a lot easier than you may think and gives such a refined and beautiful finish to your ribbon tails. Not quite sure how to get it done? Let me break it down for you.

First, go ahead and tie your bow. Then grab one of the tails and fold it where you want to trim. Simply take your scissors and cut at an angle.

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #PackagingDIY Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration | #DIY #Holiday #GiftWrap #Packaging

Voila! That’s it! A perfect finish to your bow that would make Kate Spade proud. Gorgeous, right?!

There you have it – DIY holiday gift wrap inspiration that will hopefully scratch that creative itch and make your friends and family swoon. Watch the video below to catch it step by step and scroll a little bit further down to catch the master supply list for all of the looks above. Here’s to the holidays and decking the you-know-what out of the halls – cheers, friends! And Merry Christmas!

SUPPLY LIST for your DIY Holiday Gift Wrap

December 18, 2016


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