DIY Glitter Easter Eggs


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DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

I am always looking for different ways to dress up our Easter eggs every year. I grew up dying them like I’m sure a lot of us did, but to tell you the truth, I can’t stand it. I can never get it to come out even and how many times does the egg fall off that ridiculously flimsy wire holder and then crack at the bottom of the water cup? Brings back fond memories for sure.

This year, I thought I might try adding a little bit of glam to them. Here is an easy DIY Glitter Easter Egg how-to for you!

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

Begin by hard boiling the number of eggs you will be making over.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #CraftDIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

For this project, I chose to use Florentine Gold in Martha Stewart’s line of glitter and also picked up a pack of Zots, circular glue dots, in a medium size.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

First, pour a large amount of glitter into a separate bowl or dish.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #CraftDIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

The Zots can be a bit difficult to work with and keep their shape as you transfer from the backing to the egg. I found it easiest to use my finger and quickly tap the glue dot and pull up. It seemed to keep the dot as perfectly circular as it could be.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

I then placed them on the egg in whatever pattern I felt appropriate. I know it’s difficult to see in the image, but you’ll get the idea in a minute.
DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

From there, you want to roll your egg in the glitter to begin covering each glue dot. After a few rotations, you will see that the dots may not be completely coated and you will want to make and sure and press the egg into the glitter where each glue dot was placed. It will ensure there will be plenty of shimmer for each dot.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

After that, go ahead and just gently blow off any excess glitter that might be on your egg after being rolled around.

DIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #CraftDIY Glitter Easter Eggs #DIY #Easter #Craft

Voila! Perfectly glam eggs in time for the festivities.

I picked up all of my supplies at Michael’s, but they are listed below for your convenience and depending on where you live. Hope you enjoy!

Martha Stewart Florentine Gold glitter



April 11, 2014


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