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Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Can you believe we are already prepping for the Easter holiday? This year is going by so fast, but Spring is so refreshing and I love the Easter season. I wanted to make sure and share with you my Easter favorites and must-haves geared towards the littlest of the family. In our home we keep Easter on the simple side and only gift to the kids along with trying to make sure and focus on the reason we celebrate it. It’s also one of the holidays that we let them have a bit more sugar than usual, but you’re only young once, right? Keep scrolling to catch my top picks as well as where to find them!

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

As far as the basket goes I like to go simple yet durable. I did wicker baskets in the beginning, but I found that the wicker wore quickly. What I love about these bushel baskets is that they get the job done and if they happen to get damaged, they are extremely inexpensive to replace. I get mine here, but any local craft store will carry them. To dress them up a bit I tie a bow using ribbon on the handle. And while a bit more expensive, the galvanized pail look is awesome and extremely durable as well. However, if you like the idea of a tote bag (which I use for most other holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween), I came across these online and thought they were darling!

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a severe phobia when it comes to that plastic green easter grass. It never seems to go away and I have physical reactions when finding it wound up in the vacuum. So from the beginning and for always and forever our Easter baskets will always be filled with the kraft krinkle paper. I suggest buying it in bulk because the price is so much better. The packages at the local craft stores are small and over priced. I snag mine online here.

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Our pack is pretty picky when it comes to our sweet tooth preferences. Especially with Easter treats. None of us care for jelly beans and we really detest Peeps. I know, I know – we’re odd. So I have our go-to favorites that I can pick up at Target such as Cadbury Creme Eggs, Whopper eggs and a few others. I also love to add a few novelty treats that the kids get on only special occasions.

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

My kids love the swirl lollipops that they usually only get at places like the gourmet candy stores or on Main Street in Disneyland. I find them online here. I also love the Easter treats that See’s Candy carries. We love the ‘Sweet Surprise Chicks’ and their Springtime Truffles.


Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

We keep the gifts pretty simple and minimal for Easter. For the youngest of the group we usually find a new stuffed animal. After over-spending on these darn things for years, I finally discovered that Amazon truly has the best prices. For my youngest two, I ordered this one and this one.

Easter Favorites and Must-Haves from HausOfLayne.com #Easter #GiftIdea

We will also add a book to their baskets. My favorites for this year that we didn’t have yet and snagged were Happy Easter, Little Critter and The Berenstain Bears’ Easter Sunday. And for those of you who like traditions, we purchased a hardcover copy of The Velveteen Rabbit that we read in the weeks leading up to Easter. You can find the same copy right here.

For the older kids we usually stick with iTunes gift cards or Target gift cards so they can purchase what they would like.

For those of you who like to go with less sugar and goodies for your baskets, a few ideas we have done throughout the years is to fill plastic eggs with Hot Wheels cars, mini animal figures, and even money.

I hope this gives you some ideas as you shop for your goodies. Enjoy!

April 10, 2017


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