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Favorite things for 2017 | KaraLayneAndCo.com

If you have been following along this week you know the theme has been saying goodbye to last year and welcoming the new year. Monday I shared what I am saying goodbye to, Tuesday was my 2016 highlight reel, yesterday I officially said hello to 2017 as I got really honest and shared with you my word for 2017 along with my goals. Today? Today I am sharing with you my favorite things for 2017.

I always love sharing the things and tools I come across, start using and find really useful. Whether that be an app, a book I read – anything, really. Over time I have developed my hard core favorites along with some recent new ones that I am so happy to have on hand going into a brand new year. And, of course, I wanted to make sure and gather them all together and share them with you too!

Favorite things for 2017 | KaraLayneAndCo.com


Morning routine.

I talked about earlier this week how I went out and bought an old school alarm clock to keep my phone/device or any other out of my bedroom. I wasn’t kidding. I found that cute silver one at Target and love the peaceful change it has helped me to create in my morning routine.


Always and forever, Evernote. I previously wrote about how I was using it in 2016 and I will continue to do so this year. I will also make sure and continue sharing tips and tricks such as this one and this one. I also use this professionally.

To-Do List.

When I posted about my own bullet journal system, I never realized it would have blown up as much as it did. You can catch how I handle my to-do list right here.

Meal Planning.

Due to changes in diet that we need to make for health reasons, our family will be going back to this service. For busy families, it truly takes the fuss out of feeding the family in a cost effective way.


My husband and I plan on tackling a few financial goals this year and we absolutely love the message and education this guy puts out. His book, The Total Money Makeover, is a favorite in our house.

Financial Organization.

To go along with that, Dave Ramsey’s app for financial planning and budgeting is wonderful and after signing up last year we are excited to start the year fresh and on the right foot when it comes to a family budget. \


When I went through some struggles last year, I turned to any source of inspiration I could. This book was a huge tool in adjusting my mental state and getting on track.


Goal Planning.

This has completely changed the game for me.


I have fallen back in love with reading over the past year or two and I am a complete self-help/business book junkie. No matter what type of business you run, this book is something you need in your life. And this book is for all of my professional creatives out there. It will change you. And of course there are so many more that I will be sharing in the near future once I finish them.


I am a solopreneur, but anything that I can do take busy work off my shoulders I jump on it. Things as simple as mileage tracking for the year is so much less stressful with this app. For all client bookings/contracts/invoicing, I have been using this for over a year and have really grown to love the system.


Because of how easy it is to get off track and because I know that I have to switch up my focus throughout the day, this system will forever and always be the only way I approach my work day.

Blog Organization + Editorial Planning.

I created this when I wanted a system to handle everything that comes with blogging.

I hope even one of these are helpful to you and, as always, I will continue to share anything new I come across that I absolutely love!

January 6, 2017


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