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Holiday gift guide for this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for kids and tweens and I hope you find something you would love to gift this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

Welp – didn’t expect to start December off sick and tucked away in bed for two and a half weeks, but happy to be among the living again! Beyond happy. And I hope you are staying well and having a lovely December so far! Making up for lost time and after hearing from so many of you that are still looking for gift ideas after a poll in my Instagram stories yesterday, I am picking up where I left off and publishing the rest of my 2022 gift guides!

Tonight’s gift guide? It’s all about the kiddos and tweens. In our house we love toys that will have little hands creating and putting things together, or have them lost in imaginative play, or a reason to be outside and having fun. I hope this gift guide brings you an idea or two for a little one that you are shopping for!

Holiday gift guide for this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for kids and tweens and I hope you find something you would love to gift this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

01:Jellycat Stuffed Animal

We love stuffed animals in our house, but I am so particular on what kind between the quality and design. There are so many cheap overpriced ones out there! I came across the Jellycat brand a few years back and I refuse to buy anything else! They are so soft on the outside, a bit more weighted than your average stuffed animal, and such a great quality. We have the small version of this puppy in our home who we lovingly refer to as “Pablo”. 

02: Tonie Box

This might be my favorite discovery for this year. I am obsessed! If you don’t yet know about Tonie box, this video is what you want to watch. I love that you can add more to it by purchasing future Tonies and I love that it is a screen free toy that allows little brains to use their imagination. This is on my list for Brooks and you can find different Tonie boxes as well as Tonies and even carrying cases on Amazon right here.

03: Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I was so excited to discover this brand of nail polish for girls! It’s water-based, fragrance free among other things, and this trio set is perfect for a gift! 

04: Art Set

This art set is 108 pieces! The carrying case is perfect to hold it all and I loved that it had a pop-up easel as well. I grabbed this one for Blair and I know she is going to love it!

05: Razor Crazy Cart

These look like such a blast and I know a few families who rave about them! Perfect for fun outside and they are currently $100 off – a great time to grab them if you have had your eye on them!

06: Collectible Edition Books

Awhile back I discovered the classic collectible edition books by Barnes & Noble. We have a few in our home and they are beautiful! Library bound, hardcover, and the designs are stunning. You can find them here at Barnes & Noble. I also absolutely love this Brothers Grimm fairytale book – I grew up with my grandmother reading them to me. And not to mention, the illustrated versions of Harry Potter are another wonderful addition to the family library for little ones who get lost in stories and books!

07: Doorway Bean Bag Toss

Crate & Kids never disappoints with the design of their kids products and I loved this one! Perfect for indoor fun and especially on winter days where everyone is a little stir crazy. This is too cute and I definitely grabbed it for Brooks!

08: Lego Friends

We love Legos in our home and Lego Friends has such great sets for younger kids to get their hands building and creating. This organic farm set would make such a great gift idea!

09: Melissa & Doug Oversized Giraffe

I don’t care how young or old, this thing will put a smile on your face every time you walk in their room. My kids have always loved this one!

10: Wooden Model Car Kit

These wooden car kits are absolutely fantastic and actually operate. Not to mention there are so many different options to choose from! 

11: Osmo Educational Games

We bought an Osmo for Brooks last year and we love this toy! It connects with an iPad and it is interactive. Many kits to choose from and for different ages, but we are big fans!

12: Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

I shared a slightly higher price point vintage bluetooth speaker on the teen girls gift guide, but I found this one that is perfect for the younger ones! Same great vintage style which would look so cute on a bookshelf or dresser. Our kids love music and I love giving them ways to enjoy our favorite tunes!

13: Hearth & Hand Play Tent

Every kid loves having a play tent to enjoy, whether for their bedroom to amp up the cozy or to have a campout in the backyard. I loved the design of this one by Hearth & Hand!

14: Hearth & Hand Market Cart

Another Hearth & Hand find, but they do such a great job with the design of their kids toys! How darling is this market cart?! I can just imagine the cute lemonade stands this summer! You can find it at Target right here.

15: Baseball Rebounder Net

If you have a baseball player, this would make such a great gift! The build is super sturdy and it allows for solo practice which is so convenient for the kids that don’t ever want to stop. From pitching practice to learning fielding, it also allows for angle adjusting.

16: Night Light Moon Light

This night light is the coolest and has such a realistic look to it! Such a fun way to enjoy the night time routine!

17: Skateboard

I’m a sucker for a well-designed skateboard and this one is so great! If you have a kid or tween who loves to board, this would make for a great gift this year


I hope this gift guide helps you when shopping for the kiddos and tweens in your life this Christmas!

(If you missed any of the previous gift guides, you can catch them right here.)


December 9, 2022


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