My Latest Finds and Obsessions for January


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My latest finds and obsessions for January! #Style #Beauty #Fashion

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the year so far! I took the month of December off from sharing my latest finds and obsessions because, hello! All things Christmas and shopping were in full swing for all of us and buying things for myself just wasn’t my focus. I hope nobody missed it for December, but I am happy to be bringing it back for this month! Two of my goals in the new year were to put more time and energy into my wardrobe in a simplified way – to find those staple quality pieces and some new favorites to love getting dressed and feeling good again – as well as to put self care at the top of my list. So you will see both things sprinkled in more of what I am sharing. Today, I am excited to share with you my latest finds and obsessions for January because they are good ones!

My latest finds and obsessions for January! #Style #Beauty #Fashion

Blanqi Postpartum Leggings. I shared these back in the Fall and they truly have been such an amazing thing to have after Brooks came in October – especially with having a C-section. They comfortable, supportive, but they also keep things smooth and tucked in because us women know how frustrating the postpartum body can be and not feeling like yourself. And even at 14 weeks postpartum, my incision area still bothers me so these leggings truly have made all the difference. If you are currently pregnant or just had Baby, be sure and check them out. They are a mama must have!

My latest finds and obsessions for January! #Style #Beauty #Fashion

Threshold Chenille Throw Blanket. I just came across this throw at Target a few weeks back and it is SO soft. Like, buttery soft. I got it in grey, but there are five other colors to also choose from. And at only $19.99 I’m thinking I might need all the other colors!

Thena Deep Cleansing Mask. Remember that self care promise as one of my new year goals? Well, that includes my skin which, to be totally honest, hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. And since I am obviously not getting any younger, I am not vowing to pay attention. I came across this mask and thought I would give it a try. The result? I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It left my skin feeling so incredibly soft and it absolutely did help in the blackhead and pore department. I am going to be trying to do this mask at least once a week so I will keep you updated on more results as time goes on, but if you have been looking for a mask routine, try this one for sure. I also purchased this brush to apply just to make things less messy and not waste product.

BowKnot Stilettos. These shoes might be most favorite purchase and definitely my most favorite Amazon purchase. They are a beautiful faux suede and surprisingly comfortable. They are the absolute perfect piece to add some femininity to your outfit without going over the top. They definitely make a statement and also come in four other colors.

My latest finds and obsessions for January! #Style #Beauty #Fashion

Hope you enjoy and cheers to a new year and new month!

January 11, 2018


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