Growing in the Hard Places

Growing in the Hard Spots #Inspiration #Motivation

The desert floor in Arizona is rocky. We do have some farming and crop areas of the valley that naturally have softer soil, but for the most part there is a layer of a hardened cement-like deposit called caliche. It’s very tough to work through and you can imagine how hard it can be for things to flourish and thrive here. It’s not always easy growing in the hard places. But the things that do? They have rough exteriors juxtaposed against vibrant colors. And it may be the love only a second generation native to the desert can have, but they truly are quite beautiful in their own way.

And you know that I am going to somehow relate to this life, right? That wasn’t s surprise. So let’s see. Those hard parts that we try so hard to push through? Those big and small problems, those heartaches and those messes. Maybe you are currently going through something or maybe you can think back to a time that you were. Looking at where are you now to where you were then in that hard and rocky spot, can you see the growth? Sometimes it’s harder to see than other times, but look closely. Can you see it?

Maybe the growth came in patience gained. Or maybe in saying no. Or maybe it came in the fact that you actually survived the hard part. You came out the other side. Sure, you  may be battle scarred and bruised, but you broke through. Whether it be in business or in life, I can guarantee that there will be hard times that you will experience. But maybe instead of feeling like you are stuck in the rocky and hard parts maybe, just maybe, you were actually growing. And you are the better for having gone through it all. That rough exterior you gained because of continued determination, perseverance and grit. And those vibrant colors – your badge of honor and the reminder of the good that can come from hard things.

It’s easy to get frustrated at what may not be able to grow here in the desert, but then again, look what can. Keep growing, friend. Keep fighting through the rocky parts because beautiful things are to come.

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