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October 9, 2019

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I knew for the fall and winter season here in Nashville I would have to step up my game a bit. It’s colder weather by quite a bit and also more rain than the desert. It doesn’t always snow, but still. That’s a lot colder than my thin desert lizard blood is used to! At our local Target, I have found so many amazing finds that I have really been loving. I had so many of you asking exactly which tops I have been wearing recently so I thought I would share my favorite fall and winter style finds at Target with you! And this rust/orange color that we are seeing everywhere right now? I’m totally here for it.

Favorite fall and winter style finds at Target right now. They absolutely killed it in the wardrobe department and I am loving it! Catch my favorites over on Haus of Layne #FallStyle #FallOutfitIdeas #WinterStyle #WinterOutfitIdeas #FavoriteStyleFinds #TargetStyle

While I have purchased several sweaters already, I have tried on the jackets you will find below and love them, but waiting to do a little bit more search and ask you all what is really going to be helpful and needed. And can you believe it?! I have tried on a few ankle boot options and I think I am finally going to jump into that trend. You all know me and boots, it’s riding boots all the way, but I think after a few years of fighting it I’m going to give it a try. Wink! Do you have a favorite boot that I should check out?

Anyway, you can find all of my favorite fall and winter style finds at Target using the affiliate links below. It’s either items that I have purchased myself or that I have tried on and I am waiting to grab the next time I am there. Either way, they are all the things I am loving this season!

What are you looking to grab for yourself?

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