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No one can ever prepare you for motherhood. I’m not talking about the do’s and dont’s, the proper bedtime routine, the best diet for your growing toddler or bath time safety. I’m talking about the deeper part of it. The part where you see your baby for the first time and your heart explodes. The part where you stay up watching your baby sleep while you worry yourself into frenzy on how you will handle when he starts driving 16 years later. The part of you that is shattered when they experience disappointment or sadness for the first time. The sheer animalistic response you have to anyone saying or doing anything to hurt your child in anyway. The tears you shed when you hear of another child be abused, abducted or hurt on the evening news because what you are really imagining is the same thing happening to one of your own. The fear you have sending them off into the world, away from the safety of home while you sit and await their return at the end of the day. Every single day.

No one could have prepared me for the bitter sweet journey of motherhood. Watching these little ones grow and become who they will become is a priceless honor and they are the best thing I have done in my life. My most beautiful accomplishment. My heart beats alongside theirs and I will forever be in awe of their beautiful little spirits. How blessed I am to share my life with them.

Today wasn’t filled with expensive gifts or a spa day. It wasn’t filled with lounging poolside or enjoying a window side table at my favorite restaurant. It was this. And this alone. Being surrounded by these four. Breathing them in and remembering how truly amazing our life is. And because of that, I am a better woman. A better mother. All because of these four little humans.


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Happy Mother’s Day to my own mother. The strongest woman I know who picked up the pieces when we lost my father twenty years ago. Who showed me what faith really looks like. And while my struggles may never look like hers, her strength is a constant reminder as I journey through motherhood and when I think that I can’t go another day. I owe everything to her for being both Mom and Dad and, for that, I am forever grateful for her influence in my life.

And also to my mother-in-law who raised an amazing man that I get to walk through life with. A man who treats me with such selfless and charitable love, who is a strong example to our children and who shows me daily what it is to have patience and love for those around us.

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you out there. I hope it was a beautiful one.

May 10, 2015


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