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Let's chat about new year goals and intentional planning. And I have a free guide for you to download to help you accomplish just that. Catch it now over on

A long time ago I gave up setting New Year resolutions. Because I saw this unrealistic approach to January 1st that truly didn’t serve anyone. It wasn’t serving me that’s for sure. All of the hype about this one date on the calendar all to enter the self-loathing stage by March because, what do you know, I loaded myself with resolutions and trying to do all the things. The truth? There is nothing magical about January 1st. And while I love myself a good fresh start on a Monday, or first of the month, and heck, even January 1st, I have learned to approach it differently. And in case you are anything like me I wanted to share a little something about new year goals and intentional planning.

What makes a goal an actual goal

I think we all make those mental lists of things we want to do better, things we want to accomplish, and dreams we have. I am all for dreams. Big or small, dreaming is such an important and healthy thing to do – free of limiting beliefs. They are what fuel us forward. However, what makes those dreams become reality? What makes them into something that we can actually achieve?

A dream is a future outcome while a goal is a future action. You cannot have one without the other. So all of those years I was simply writing a list of resolutions that were never going to amount to anything. Why? Because there was no intention behind them! There was no plan of action. And this is where I have shifted my approach in the entire act of goal setting. Because those who fail to plan plan to fail (my kiddos have this as their quote to memorize for the upcoming week in their studies and we will absolutely be setting some goals individually and as a family – teaching them young!).

Putting intention behind those goals

The way I have become more intentional with the things I want to achieve is simply by breaking each one down into actionable steps. I have also found that in doing this, I am required to invest more time and thoughtful mental space to it all. This has naturally caused me to be even more selective in what I choose to set my sights on. And I have loved that change. It’s more than making a list. It’s cultivating an intentional action plan as I move forward into another year of life and business. 

A guide to help you with your new year goals & intentional planning

This was something I put together as a bonus for my Blog Method students, but I find that it has been a helpful tool no matter your situation, business owner or not. 

Let's chat about new year goals and intentional planning. And I have a free guide for you to download to help you accomplish just that. Catch it now over on

Click above or click right here to download my free guide for yourself. And I hope you find it helpful as you dive into your new year goals and intentional planning!

Happy New Year, friend. Wishing you all the things written on your heart in 2022. Thank you so much for being here!

January 1, 2022


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