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Gathered up my favorite modest dress finds for the summer. Browse them over on

Favorite Modest Summer Dress Finds

Being home so much over the past year I have realized how much our family could use a bit of a refresh in our closets! Has anyone else come to this realization as well? And while I have always been a self-proclaimed “jeans only” girl, I have learned over the past two years why all […]

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Our family loves fried bananas and ice cream for a delicious and easy summer dessert. The mix of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and hot banana pairs so well with cold vanilla bean ice cream. Catch the whole recipe on!

Fried Bananas and Cream

When it comes to summer in the south, dessert isn’t forgotten! It simply cools down a bit – wink! Our family absolutely loves this delicious and easy dessert recipe and we love making it when we have friends or family in our home. Fried bananas and cream! Ever tried fried bananas? The mix of brown […]

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I'm sharing my summer style staples for the minimalist mom. A no-fuss approach to my closet is my jam. Less thinking over what to wear and instead loving the handful of pieces that are in there. Catch my favorite summer style staples over on!

Summer Style Staples for the Minimalist Mom

A few weeks back I shared my love for the short sleeve, button-down classic blouse look. And I then claimed that it would for sure be my go-to summer outfit this year. Why? Because I like simple. Simplicity is my motto for all things in our home and lifestyle. Fussing over what to wear? No […]

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The Art of Slow Living on the Haus of Layne. Learning to savor the small and mundane in the midst of the big. Teaching our children that life is just as much about the little details as it is the big ones. #Family #RaisingKids #Motherhood

The Art of Slow Living

Our favorite tunes from our family playlist quietly filled the evening air as we sat and watched the sun set on the desert. We talked about going to the movies with friends, how many times a day is just the right amount for the pool, the road trips we have been wanting to take and […]

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Here it's about home and family. It's about what matters most.

Here it's about home
and family. It's about what matters most.


Hi there!
I'm Kara Layne

It's where we cherish and value the work done within the walls of our homes. It's the beauty in living simple and making it beautiful.

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