How to Practice Self-Care Even On the Busiest of Days

My top tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest days as a mom. Catch it all over on!

Let’s be honest. The days are busy. Being a mom is busy. Being a working mom is busy. And sometimes we just can’t fit it all in. We have people who rely on us for a lot and balance isn’t an exact science. While I know this, I also know the ramifications of not making the effort and of putting yourself last. It has taken me a long time to learn just how valuable small habits like this are when it comes to my health and well-being. We mamas have to remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup. So today for Wellness Wednesday I am sharing some helpful tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest of days.

1. Set yourself up for success and take control of your day from the very start

As a recovering night owl of 35 years, I am still working to perfect this habit (because honestly, sometimes, a late-night by myself working on creative things really fills me up). However, I have come to recognize the major difference in the days that I am awake before anyone else. Each day I am juggling running a business and homeschooling five cubs. It’s as much as it sounds. And it can sometimes be a short fuse between Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, you know that I mean? The hour I give myself to take control of my day instead of the day controlling me? Live-changing.

You can read a little more about how I juggle the things right here.

My top tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest days as a mom. Catch it all over on!

2. Nourish your body in easy and simple ways

All of us mothers know that most days are too busy to cook a good breakfast and lunch for ourselves. And actually, a lot of days it looks more like grabbing a few Goldfish from the toddler on our way to the next task. However, poor nourishment or the complete lack thereof can have major implications on our energy levels. Unless it’s prepped over the weekend, I know there is no extra time for cooking meals during the day that I actually want to eat. I’m so happy to now have a green smoothie recipe I love because I have replaced my morning meal (or the starvation) with this and it has been awesome. Easy, simple, and healthy – a major win! (And I promise, it doesn’t taste green at all!) I’m getting the nutrients I need and I am fueling my body during the day while only needing a few minutes to make it happen.

*Pro-tip: Add a few on-the-go items to your handbag right now while you are thinking about it – a granola or energy bar, an energy mix pack, etc. That way when you rush out the door next time and find yourself starving at Susie’s soccer practice, you already have the situation handled and don’t have to rely on an unhealthy option.

3. Sprinkle in the joy to lift your mood daily

Do you love music? Have it playing quietly in the background while you work during the day and when you are catching up on laundry. Love to dance? Take a moment for a 30-second dance party, Meredith Grey style. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table make you smile? Have a candle that you love the scent of? Make sure you are enjoying the smell of it throughout the day (but seriously, we need to talk about those candles, friend!)

Include the kids and show them that joy can be found in the small and simple things of life. And that focusing on them can fill our days with so much of it.

My top tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest days as a mom. Catch it all over on!

4. Get outside and move your body

It’s not always possible to fit in a full gym workout. Coming from the girl who would shudder at the thought of making time for anything other than work or kids (recovering, y’all… it’s a process), I know this one is hard. Especially if you are in a season of sacrifice! However, we can gain so much from spending time outside to enjoy the fresh air and the sun on our skin. We can draw so much contentment from nature. Not to mention, Vitamin D looks good on everyone. The benefits of making sure we are moving our body daily? Endless. It can improve our mood, reduce stress, increase energy, improve sleep, even help with digestive issues and ailments you might deal with (okay, I deal with. That mind-gut connection is a real pain). Grab the kids and let them ride their bikes while you walk. Or make it a family walk in the early evening before dinner. You will love the benefits you experience from making this a daily habit.

And, friend to friend and from recent discovery, the world does not actually crumble when you leave your desk during the day. I know. Shocker.

5. Take those vitamins

This one is such an easy way in how to practice self-care on the busiest of days. Fuel your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. We need all the help we can get with maintaining energy and this will make a difference! If you haven’t yet jumped into finding vitamins that you love, put the effort into figuring it out. I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but we aren’t getting any younger – wink! Start now and enjoy the benefits you will see from taking vitamins and supplements regularly.

My top tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest days as a mom. Catch it all over on!

6. Wash your face

There are some days where the idea of going to sleep is all we can think about. And the last thing I want to do is go through my skincare routine when it has been one of those days. But, I am always so glad when I make myself because I am that much more relaxed when I climb into bed. Not to mention, I wake up feeling so much better too!

7. Decompress each night for better sleep

Laying in bed only to scroll my phone until I pass out hours later makes me feel horrible. I always stay up later than I want to, I go to bed feeling stressed or frustrated from the media I consumed, and I am not truly allowing my brain to shut down for optimum sleep. Instead, do the mindless scrolling before getting into your bed. Read a book or journal instead if you feel the need to take more time to relax before turning out the lights. Try and go to bed at the same time every night and without any screens or electronics. Allow your mind and body to truly relax, decompress from the day, and get the best sleep possible.

My top tips and how to practice self-care even on the busiest days as a mom. Catch it all over on!


I hope this helps you with ideas and how to practice self-care even on the busiest of days! 

What have you found helps you fill your cup and practice self-care while also serving your family and work? Share with me below because I would love to add to the list for all of us mamas to benefit!

March 17, 2021


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