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Sharing my favorite neutral home decor finds on Amazon. Catch them now on KaraLayne.com!

With our impending move this June, I know doing any major projects isn’t the best choice since I have no idea the kind of space I will have to work with in the next house. However, that definitely hasn’t stopped me from continuing to gather things I love and can have on hand to style the new space. Yes, still rebuilding almost two years later. It is for sure a process! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite neutral home decor finds on Amazon.

When adding pieces to our home, I like to be intentional and thoughtful. With five cubs, they deserve a space that they can relax in as well. Without sacrificing style, of course, but I don’t want them to ever feel like they live in a museum. Neutral colors, simple design while achieving a welcoming and comforting ambiance. I love textures, shades of whites, and creams. Classic casual with a hint of modern farmhouse. Is that even a category?! Haha!

I feel like it has taken a bit to really mature into my style when it comes to home decor and what I really like. Perhaps it’s due to the many moves over the years trying to figure out where felt like home for us. Or maybe it’s being in the south here in Nashville and feeling more inspired in everything. Have you always been good at knowing your style when it comes to your home? Or have you had to grown into it?

Before I get on with the point of today’s post, I had to share with you a recent inspiration source I found that I am absolutely drooling over. And I think you will love it too! Public Three Eleven Design is a mother-daughter duo who offer styling and photography services to product companies. These girls are ridiculously talented and their images and styling are straight from my brain and what I am working towards in my own home. When it comes to decorating it doesn’t matter if you have the smallest of spaces – when you can refine the details it truly can transform it. The details are something I am always trying to train my eye on and curate.

You have to make sure and follow them on Pinterest as well as on Instagram. So much eye candy and style inspiration! Just a little sampling of what you will find…

Sharing my favorite neutral home decor finds on Amazon. Catch them now on KaraLayne.com!

(Image credit via Public Three Eleven Design)

Anyway, onto the point of this post! The more I have spent time searching, purchasing, and bringing new pieces into our home the more I have been surprised at the things I find on Amazon.

And if you have also been trying to be more intentional with where you shop in order to support local businesses like our family has, remember that Amazon is comprised of small shops. You can also look up the name of the company for the product listed and purchase directly from that shop. While I love the convenience of Amazon (hello two-day shipping), I know I am not the only one with the importance of shopping small on their mind.

I pulled together my absolute favorite below, but you can shop them all over on my Amazon affiliate page. I am really loving the mix of woods and woven textures. So whether it is baskets or decorative trays, I think it adds so much warmth. And wood bowls! Can you ever have too many decorative wood bowls? I don’t think so!

You can find my Amazon affiliate page as well as the home & kitchen section I have been curating and shopping for our home right here.

Sharing my favorite neutral home decor finds on Amazon. Catch them now on KaraLayne.com!


Hope you enjoy my neutral home decor finds! And if you have found something you love for your home, share it with me below! Hope you are having a great week, friend!

March 18, 2021


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