This is Thirty Four

Life at thirty four and what I have learned so far #HausOfLayne #LifestyleBlogger #LifestyleHeadshot

This is a few more wrinkles and smile lines. This is a few age spots and a body changed from pregnancy and five births. This is becoming comfortable in your own skin. This is being grateful for lessons learned in what you have walked through and weathered thus far.

This is embracing your individuality. This is knowing that jumping will always be better than standing on the edge and wondering. This is pursuing dreams with wild abandon. This is a bittersweet goodbye to the season of having cubs and embracing the new one of raising them.

This is being unapologetically yourself and not worrying about anyone’s opinion of it. This is having grace, patience and a whole lot of love for others as well as yourself. This is losing yourself in motherhood because it’s all going fast. This is always doing the things that set your soul on fire.

This is holding your tribe close and loving them hard. This is investing in those who invest in you. This is knowing that tomorrow is never promised so take the chance, eat dessert before dinner, dance in the rain, say what you need to say and for goodness sakes, laugh because life and adulthood is too damn serious most of the time. Laugh and cherish the added smile lines.

This is proving them wrong and doing it with a smile. This is knowing that age is just a number and there is a whole lot more life to run after. This is becoming exactly who you were meant to be.

This is thirty four.


Life at thirty four and what I have learned so far #HausOfLayne #LifestyleBlogger #LifestyleHeadshot #SelfPortrait

September 17, 2018


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