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Written on the heart and holding space for it. Read more on the blog.

If you would have told me that we would still be in this apartment two and a half years after moving to Tennessee, I would have laughed in your face. No way could we tiny live for that long as a family of seven. Then again, I also would have laughed if you tried to explain the last two years complete with the world turning upside down and flat-out crazy. That one was out of left field.

But here we are. Unexpectedly closing the doors to one of our businesses last spring. Having the purchase of a home be delayed. And then Blair’s diagnosis in May. I think it’s the understatement of the century to say the last two years haven’t gone quite as we expected. And thus is life. Nothing is a guarantee. And Just as quickly as I can point out the setbacks I can list a million blessings. Despite how cramped our living space has become as we have acquired things we left behind, despite the financial hits, and despite the obvious chaos outside our front door, there is still so much I am on my knees with prayers of gratitude for.

That was a bit of a tangent so let me get back on track…

With the long holiday weekend, we have jumped back into scouting different areas for our upcoming move (I feel like I have said this exact thing before… *scratches head*). To be honest, it feels really vulnerable to share this journey in real-time. Especially with all of the delays and plot twists over the last two years. It’s hard to put yourself out there, you know? But here I am, wearing my heart on my sleeve. Something keeps pushing me to share it and not keep it to myself. I’m not sure why, but perhaps one of these days it will make itself known.

We have had a vision ever since arriving in Tennessee. To be honest, it was a driving force to why we chose to move here. A homestead that allows our family to thrive in the best of ways. A home that needs love and that will allow us to get our hands dirty (you know I can’t resist a good DIY project). One that has land for us to cultivate. One that allows our family, especially these cubs, to learn a self-sustaining lifestyle. A place to gather family and loved ones. To envelop others in simple beauty. One that brings us back to our roots. It’s been extremely interesting the family history ties that continue being unearthed since we have moved here. All this time, I thought it began with my grandparents and great-grandparents in Arkansas. Come to find out, it all started in Tennessee.

Makes me wonder. The current state of the world is fueling this dream like never before and I can only think it is His divine timing. The fact that we would be where we are during these times.

Written on the heart and holding space for it. Read more on the blog.

The Bearded Gent and I have never wanted anything so badly and the kids buzz with talk of the plans they have for the lifestyle we all see for ourselves. From what they will name the chickens to the baseball field the boys plan on creating (what can I say, they dream big just like their mama).

My hope is high. I can only imagine that we are entering our most prayerful season yet. And it is a season to lean in harder than ever before. To let go and trust. The same way we did back in 2019 when we left everything behind for the life we saw for our family in Tennessee. If we could do that, we can do this. We have first-hand experience of the magic that comes into your life when you let go of control. It’s not always easy, but goodness gracious – the miracles we have witnessed will be stories I tell my great-grandchildren. 

The lease on our sweet and humble apartment is coming to a close in May. And you know as well as I do that the time is going to pass quickly. Until then our weekends will be filled with country drives. And I am pinning all of the homestead inspiration and education I can. My heart aches for these scenes to be our everyday in the very near future.

Do we have any experience? Absolutely none. However, life experience has taught me that we do our best living outside of our comfort zones.

What are you holding space for? Perhaps we can lean in together.

Written on the heart and holding space for it. Read more on the blog.

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Written on the heart and holding space for it. Read more on the blog.

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Written on the heart and holding space for it. Read more on the blog.

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November 28, 2021


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