40 Lessons in 40 Years from The Bearded Gent


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The Bearded Gent turns 40! On the blog he is sharing the 40 lessons he has learned in his 40 years of living and you on't want to miss them. Head to KaraLayne.com for more!

Growing old with this man will forever be one of the greatest blessings in my life. And while there are a few more wrinkles we both are sporting these days, we are still just those two crazy-in-love dreamers building the life we have always envisioned for ourselves and for our family.

What an adventure it has been.

In honor of this one’s birthday tomorrow, he is sharing forty lessons that he is learned in his forty years. Hope you enjoy these!


01. You will never be prepared for kids.

Financially or any other way. Don’t wait in growing a family. It will be the greatest blessing of your life.

02. Eat meat.

Make it grass-fed and make it a lot.

03. You don’t need to “wind down” after work.

Your wife has been working just as hard as you. Be a partner. Help get dinner on the table. Throw the ball around with the kids. Your family should see you actively participating in all areas. And trust me, the winding down that happens when you go to bed is way better.

04. Put God first in all things.

Bring every decision, every struggle, and every thought to Him. It will be the guidance and peace of mind you need every time.

05. Tell her how great she did.

There will be a season in life where you come home and the house will be a mess, she’ll be in sweats and have no clue what dinner is going to be, but the baby is asleep. Tell her how great she did and go grab take-out.

06. There will never be a “right time”.

Stop putting things off because you are waiting for the right time or for a plan to be perfectly laid out. Life is happening now. Make the leap, go after the thing you constantly talk about, and let your kids see you and your wife take chances. You will never regret it.

07. Not everything requires a discussion. 

Actions speak louder every time.

08. Buy dirt.

Something I wish I had done far sooner.

09. Take the family photo.

Don’t give her a hard time about it. Don’t throw a fit over what she wants you to wear. And don’t complain about the cost if there is one. Be a man about it.

10. Learn how to grill.

It’s just something a man should know how to do and know how to do well.

11. Teach your kids how to do things.

Yes, it will take longer to do everything, but it’s your job and an important one.

12. Don’t put off getting married.

You need a partner and one that will make you a better man every day. Stop with the checklist. You both can go after it all together.

13. You can do more than pizza.

When Mom is gone and you are in charge of dinner, you are capable of more than a pizza. Gather the kids and make it a fun night in the kitchen altogether. They will never forget it.

14. Lead your family, let her lead the home.

Your wife and your kids need to see you leading. But when it comes to the home, how it is run, and even how it looks? Let her do her thing.

15. Be bold, not overbearing.

Be confident and know what you want, but don’t be an egotistical a**hole in how you do it.

16. Don’t allow financial stress to dampen the spirit in your home.

There will be seasons when things might be hard. And it will test you and your bride. Don’t allow that stress to detract from all of the good that is still happening. The season will eventually end. They always do.

17. Take care of yourself.

The years go by quicker than you think.

18. Tell your kids how wonderful their mother is.

By your example, your kids will develop a great respect for their mother and in turn, create a home of peace and harmony.

19. Do the dishes. 

Especially if she did the cooking. But still, just do the dishes.

20. Let her kiss you and be affectionate without the expectation of more.

You will enjoy way more honey, trust me.

21. Buy the corded power drill.

Trust me on this one.

22. Don’t ever tell people you are ‘babysitting’. They’re your kids.

Enough said.

23. Let her dream.

Your wife has goals and aspirations just like you do. When she gets a big idea or something she wants to go for, get behind her 100%. A woman who feels supported in the things that she is passionate about is a force of energy that is nothing less than inspiring. And that is a blessing to everyone around her.

24. Change the diaper.

You are not above this type of work and service in your home and to your family. Knock it off.

25. Keep the grays.

Age gracefully. Don’t complain about the things that change. We earn those changes.

26. How you speak about money matters.

Don’t talk about what you can’t afford. It’s only about what you “choose” not to afford. That scarcity mindset will stunt your growth all day every day.

27. Dance with her in the kitchen. 

Don’t ever stop finding those moments to remind her what it feels like to be a woman, no matter how old you both are.

28. You’re not actually hungry. Just drink some water. 

Don’t sit and watch your kids play. Go play.

29. Your wife is your person.

From the moment you say “I do” don’t ever forget that she is your number one priority. She comes before anyone else in your life, even yourself.

30. Your kids want to be spoken to, not spoken at.

When they are little, don’t baby talk to them. When they are older, make sure that you handle conversations and discussions in a calm and approachable way. They will be more inclined to come to you about the things you want them to.

31. Get prepared.

From the beginning of time, we as men have been providers and protectors. That’s our role. Things happen all the time that put people in situations of major struggle (natural disasters, water plant mishaps, etc). Stop assuming that being prepared is about being fearful. It’s literally in the job description.

32. Open her door. 

Even if it’s to go pick kids up from practice, open her door. Your sons are watching and need to see how it’s done for later in life. Your daughters are watching and need to see what they deserve for later in life.

33. Tell her she’s beautiful every single day.

There will be days when she needs to hear it. There will be days when she won’t believe it. Tell her every single day.

34. Teach your sons to change a tire.

Then go and teach your daughters to do the same.

35. Watch her movies with her.

But don’t make her watch yours.

36. Date your wife.

And let her see you make the plans.

37. Don’t watch your kids play.

Don’t ever let them see you sitting while they are playing. Get dirty with them, get on the floor with them. Make sure they know that their dad is present.

38. Just get the dog.

Yes, there will be messes. And yes, you will be taking it out at 4:30 AM in the morning. But your kids will love that thing.

39. You didn’t buy the car.

You both bought the car. Stop acting as if what you bring to the table is because of you and you alone. You have an entire support system at home that is allowing you to do what it is you do.

40. The world needs strong men.

Be one.


A very happy birthday to the Bearded Gent. Making forty look good already!

September 1, 2022


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