Casual Friday: Life as a Football Mom & Waiting on Fall


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Another edition of Casual Friday and I am chatting about another year of homeschooling, being a football mom, and waiting for fall. Catch it all on!

Whew. I have found myself apologizing profusely to so many over the past few weeks. Whether it be from a text message that went unanswered, a re-scheduled lunch date, or a few weeks of missed weekly emails to this community here. However, I am seeing how much fuller my plate is managing Blair’s Type 1 diabetes in addition to the normal for me – running a business, homeschooling five cubs, and the duties of running a household. So anything extra like getting sick at the beginning of August alongside the kids? Forget about it. So grateful we are all back to 100%! A huge thank you for being here and for being patient while I find my footing in this season. Please know that every missed DM, delayed launch, or day without fresh content here weighs on me. And that’s because I absolutely love what I do and I love getting to share it with you. So a big hug from Nashville to wherever you are in the world!

Another round of Casual Friday, shall we?

Joy in homeschooling

We dove back into our home studies (I hate using the word “schooling”) mid-July and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Following Blair’s diagnosis at the beginning of May, I spent most of the summer re-evaluating all the many hats I was wearing. I worked at chipping away excess that no longer served me now that so much has changed for our family. It feels amazing to not be pulled in so many directions anymore. My focus both professionally and personally is now completely on our home and family and it has been so life-giving. This has also meant an over-abundance of joy in educating these cubs of ours.

Tanner is now in his sophomore year of high school, Blake is in 8th, Owen in 4th, Blair in 3rd, and our sweet Brooks is working through his pre-school studies. It is full over here and all we have to accomplish every day, but goodness gracious – what a blessing! Never did I think teaching my kids would be part of my story, but I am grateful every day that it is. And it’s a testament that we mothers are divinely gifted to do this – even when we think we can’t. Truth is, I think I have grown as much as they have over the past two and a half years!

If you are new here, I have shared previous peeks into how we manage it all as well as our approach and you can dive into more here, here, and here. I’m currently working on a post for next week which is all of our favorite books and reads for the fall season so stay tuned!

Do you home educate or are your kids attending school this year?

Life as a football mom

Following a horrible experience his freshman year in the football program at the public school we are zoned for, it is just so good to see this one shining at what he loves. Because of our moving situation and delay, we weren’t sure what our options were for him to still play as a homeschool student. And for a little bit there we were sick over it. I will forever be grateful for the community here and the power of Instagram. I was connected with a fellow local mom who had all of the insight and programs available through the private Christian schools in our area.

After one bad coaching experience after another since middle school, seeing Tanner step into the role of quarterback and finally get to show what he can do has been amazing. His first game of the season was last Saturday and I was in tears seeing him take the field. As a parent, you can’t describe what that does for your heart. Seeing our kids go after the things they are passionate about is the greatest gift. Don’t get me wrong – I chewed my fingers off from nerves watching him from the sidelines. Nevertheless, he is on cloud nine and it is just so good to see! And I’m over here like Reba in the episode where she hosts Van’s football team dinner. Hey – I’m a football mom now!

I’m hoping to get some really great shots of him in action over the coming weeks, but for now, I will leave you with this one. A sarcastic model face he pouted off when I asked for a photo opp before we headed out for his game last week. The joke’s on him because how handsome is he?!

Waiting on fall

Usually, I relish in summer. From the weather to living outside practically, and everything in between. I feel like we were robbed a bit and I’m sure it has everything to do with starting this summer off with ending up in the ICU with Blair and everything that has come with it. We haven’t done much of anything as we have worked to find our pace with it all. So I don’t know about you, but I am ready to wave goodbye to summer and dive right into the fall season. I’m holding on to every hope that life can feel peaceful, that we can find joy in the seasonal things we love so much and have the time to just be.

So here’s to digging out the cozy sweaters, shopping fall decor for the ambiance at home, and making plans for all the autumn festivities. I am HERE. FOR. IT.

P.S. When are we starting up the Gilmore Girls re-runs? Are you a “wait until it’s cold outside” kind of friend or have you started without me?! Wink!

Another edition of Casual Friday and I am chatting about another year of homeschooling, being a football mom, and waiting for fall. Catch it all on!

August 20, 2021


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