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Decorating a temporary space while planning for a future one. Breaking down how we are approaching it, ways to be financially smart and how to get the job done. Catch it all on Haus of Layne! #HomeDesign #InteriorDesign #HomeDecorIdeas #ApartmentLiving #HowToDecorateSmallSpaces #HowToDesignASmallSpace #HomeDecorIdeas

To say that we are rebuilding after leaving about 75% of our belongings back in Phoenix (your welcome to whoever finds our stuff at the local Salvation Army!) would be a major understatement. We are having to replace items as big as sofas and bunk beds to as small as measuring cups for the kitchen. And yes, while it was and is a sacrifice, it was so worth making this move happen and finally living somewhere that makes us feel so inspired. While replacing things is a necessity, we are trying to do it extremely methodically – filling and decorating a temporary space while planning for a future one.

Rebuilding is not something we want to do again. We are looking to and planning for the future when we invest in our dream home. Throwing money at problems now just to solve current pain points or problems isn’t an option. So we are trying extremely hard to invest properly in pieces that fit the current space we are in, but that can be used in our next home. It’s not easy, but financially it makes so much more sense.

Decorating a temporary space while planning for a future one. Breaking down how we are approaching it, ways to be financially smart and how to get the job done. Catch it all on Haus of Layne! #HomeDesign #InteriorDesign #HomeDecorIdeas #ApartmentLiving #HowToDecorateSmallSpaces #HowToDesignASmallSpace #HomeDecorIdeas

(image and interior design via Becca Interiors)

While I have previously discussed designing for small spaces and how we are approaching our living room setup, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts that have helped us as we have been searching and purchasing pieces for our temporary home that are keeping us on the right track. Whenever we come across a piece that we need and like, we ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Does it properly fit the current space? 
  2. Where can we see it or how will we use it in a future home?
  3. Will we want to see it in our future home?

And we are asking ourselves these questions for things as big as sofas and bunk beds all the way down to the measuring cups for the kitchen. I mean, how often do we buy something cheap because we need it only to replace it later with what we really want? We have absolutely done this which is such a waste financially. We are learning to live in the uncomfortable for a little bit longer in order to invest in what we actually want and what we see having for a long, long time.

A perfect example of this approach is our living room space. Obviously, with us being in an apartment, it’s not the largest space. We also have seven people in our family so comfortable and plentiful seating is a big deal. One might come in and say that buying a large sectional that fits everyone but swallows the entire room is worth it. We are ditching that idea and instead ask ourselves – how can we maximize the space with plenty of comfortable seating, but allow it to be pleasing to the eye and well designed?


Number One – a room filled with only a sectional and no room for anything else doesn’t appeal to me and

Number Two – investing in a sectional knowing we will be moving next year would leave us with a large piece of furniture that we would need to ditch if it doesn’t fit in the new house. Which will most likely be the case since a sectional is something you purchase to fit into the room you are using it for.

We have decided on a smaller Chesterfield style sofa that better fits the space (and can be used later in a study, loft or bedroom) along with accent chairs to fill in. We are also going to be adding two upholstered chairs at the dining table along with three to four barstools in the kitchen that are upholstered as well. When we really looked at the situation, Jarett and I don’t watch TV unless it’s family movie night so it’s rare that all seven of us are actually sitting down in the room at the same time anyway. Either one of us is in the kitchen cooking, or at the dining table, etc. So it really is the perfect solution!

This is the layout I am planning for the living room furniture:

Decorating a temporary space while planning for a future one. Breaking down how we are approaching it, ways to be financially smart and how to get the job done. Catch it all on Haus of Layne! #HomeDesign #InteriorDesign #HomeDecorIdeas #ApartmentLiving #HowToDecorateSmallSpaces #HowToDesignASmallSpace #HomeDecorIdeas

(Image via Pinterest)

Another area that we are applying this same idea is the boys’ room. Instead of buying what we left in Phoenix, your traditional twin above twin bunkbed, we are actually going to go with a twin over full bunk bed. It will require purchasing a new mattress, but this allows Tanner to transition to his own space in the next home. The bunk bed can later be separated which will give Tanner a larger bed that will be more fitting for his giant teenage body – wink! We ordered this one:

Decorating a temporary space while planning for a future one. Breaking down how we are approaching it, ways to be financially smart and how to get the job done. Catch it all on Haus of Layne! #HomeDesign #InteriorDesign #HomeDecorIdeas #ApartmentLiving #HowToDecorateSmallSpaces #HowToDesignASmallSpace #HomeDecorIdeas

Because I have been doing so much browsing and searching for items that we are filling our space with, I thought I would share some of my favorite purchases and finds with you!

For the kitchen:

These water goblets were so well priced and perfect for when we entertain.

Believe it or not, we didn’t bring a single mixing bowl so this Pyrex set was one that I ordered immediately.

These measuring cups and measuring spoons are a bit of a splurge, but All-Clad is such a solid kitchen brand and I hate how often these two items get messed up in the kitchen. I have purchased enamel ones before that have ended up broken as well as cheap metal ones that have bent or rusted and I am kind of over replacing kitchen items like this.

Love this piece to have out on the counter and keep treats tucked away, but looking nice.

And I have shared before that our family has worked really hard to get rid of all the plastic when it comes to our dishes and kitchen/food items. I ordered this set of storage containers to increase our collection – I loved the price for the amount as well as the fact that it is all clear glass. No crazy colors for this girl!

Help needed! Three things that we are needing desperately, but I would love to get recommendations for: a blender, kitchen knives, and cookware. We had a Ninja blender that we loved, but the blender jar was plastic and I hated it after so long of wear and tear because it was no longer clear. Needing a blender with a glass jar. As for the other items, I have my eye on a few different ones, but it’s always nice to hear what has worked well for others! Weigh in if you can because it would be much appreciated!

Home decor:

I love this large woven basket. It came highly recommended by Jen at Sister Studio. Perfect to place in the corner to hide toys or shoes. Remember how I talked about how convenient baskets can be? I need to increase my collection!

These jars will work great for future bookshelf styling in the living room.

I would love to update bedding for all of us, but I love this comforter from Hearth and Hand by Magnolia at Target specifically for the girls’ bedroom.


For the Chesterfield style sofa, we went and looked at this one in person and it is extremely comfortable. Very nice looking as well for the price. However, I don’t know if I want to go that dark so I am looking at lighter, cloth options.

The accent chairs I am still debating, but we saw these ones in person and they are stunning! Very budget-friendly as well with a higher-end look and feel.

This entry table I think is perfect for keeping clean lines, but tying in the warmth of more rustic wood. With some softer touches in the accents decorated along with it, I think it could look really great. I am currently toying with the idea of re-creating it ourselves and make it another DIY project. We had so much fun with the farmhouse headboard we did and still love it, so it would be great to add another piece to our home that so much energy and love would go into.


And of course, I have been gathering all the inspiration I can in this process. My go-to favorite places that light me up when it comes to styling are home are:

Pottery Barn (their Ideas & Inspiration section is great) – I love their take on a traditional style

Jenny Komenda at Juniper Home

Magnolia (need I say more)

Becca Casey at Becca Interiors (she’s brilliant!)


I hope this helps if you are in the same position of rebuilding. Or transitioning from renting to owning. Or if you are looking for your future home, but want to make your current space an oasis!

August 5, 2019


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