Here it’s about home and family

Here it’s about home and family. It’s about what matters most... Read more at #HomeAndFamily #Motherhood #HomeAndFamilyBlog #MomBlog #RaisingKids

If you have been here for some time, you have had a front-row seat to the many pivots and changes through the years as I have balanced our growing family, career, and creative pursuits. And perhaps maybe you have wondered, what is this all about? Heck, I have asked myself that very same question many times. With a side of imposter syndrome and broken confidence, please! 
Perhaps the message became a little muddled over the years. Inconsistency absolutely as I try and find my footing and stride each time. Or perhaps the exact thing I needed was the time and growth through those pivots and changes to find it. Not everyone’s story is an overnight one. Perhaps some need to simmer a bit to really get to the good part. The savory part.
As I have reflected on this very thing over the past year, I have looked for the common thread wound through it all. The thing that has brought me to here. And you want to know something? As soon as it hit me, it felt so familiar. So beautifully comfortable and familiar. Like it has been with me the entire time. I just needed to find it. So what is this thing, this clarity? Where is here exactly? 
Here it’s about home and family. It’s about what matters most. It’s about the babes we raise and the dreams we build. It’s about the dinner table gatherings and the love and laughter shared. It’s traditions that fill us and the bonds that shape us. It’s recognizing joy in the mundane and immersing our children in the spirit of home. It’s relishing in a slower place. It’s putting effort into the little things because, in the end, those were always the big things.

It’s knowing that our greatest success comes from the work we do within the walls of our homes. It’s getting our hands dirty in cultivating a beautiful life, one that will inspire our babes for years to come. It’s about creating a legacy that we are proud of. It’s about living simple and living meaningful.

No, you won’t find the latest weekend sales or tips on how to style those mom jeans for the fall season. And there probably won’t be makeup tutorials or lavish vacation photo opps. No, here it’s about something familiar. Something comfortable. 

It’s the recipes we enjoy at our dinner table, our family gathered and the memories made among conversations and laughter. It’s the DIY crafts with the kids, the joy of creating, and knowing that one day my daughters will do the same with their children. It’s knowing better and doing better so our family and our children can thrive in living a well life. It’s the details, textures, and pieces added to our home to make it a beautiful space to dwell in. One that invites a spirit of warmth and comfort. It’s about making the time to tell our story. To preserve our personal histories and family legacies.

It all culminates to make up what is most important. Home and family.

Perhaps it took this huge change in my life and moving to Tennessee to gain some clarity. To slough off the things holding me back and be in a place where I feel immensely inspired. Or perhaps it took 2020 and all that we have had to face and still are. That when the world seems like it is crumbling outside our doors, we are faced with the realization of what matters most in our lives. What truly matters most.

It’s our family. It’s our loved ones. It’s the spirit of home. And when fueled with our earnest attention and care, it will burn like a torch even on the darkest of days. And that kind of warmth is something I think we could all use. That kind of warmth is what the world could use.
Whether you have walked with me from the very beginning in my days as a humble photographer or just joining and getting comfortable. My hope is that you feel inspired. And thank you for being here. You have always been the sweetest gift in all of this.

Here it’s about home and family. It’s about what matters most... Read more at #HomeAndFamily #Motherhood #HomeAndFamilyBlog #MomBlog #RaisingKids


September 8, 2020


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