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Holiday gift guide & stocking stuffer inspiration for her this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for her and I hope you find something you would love to give or get this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

It’s that time of year again and gift-giving and finding that perfect something for someone we love is top of mind. I thought it would be fun this year to share a week of gift guides. Perfectly timed to line up with Black Friday sales to save money where you can, but also to inspire you and help you out in the gift-giving you do this holiday season. (If you are on my email list, you got the entire schedule for the next week and what guide is coming when. If you aren’t on my email list? I promise, it’s a good time – wink! Join in right here.)

Whether you are keeping it simple this year or whether you are adding everyone to your list, I think we can all agree that finding a thoughtful and intentional gift always trumps blindly spending simply to say we can cross it off our list. Right? So, I hope this gift guide and all of the others to come over the next week are helpful and inspiring for you! Kicking the 2022 Gift Guide Week off with the holiday gift guide and stocking stuffers for her!


Holiday gift guide & stocking stuffer inspiration for her this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for her and I hope you find something you would love to give or get this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

01: Two-Piece Knit Set

I have shared this one previously, but it has to be my all-time favorite loungewear set! This set is a Free People dupe and those that have compared them say this set is better than Free People’s. It’s light and comfortable, and I love that I can sleep in it just the same as I can answer the front door in it. A put-together look without sacrificing comfort. This set comes in many color options, but I would definitely suggest sizing up one size to ensure a lounge-style fit!

02: Quay Bluelights

Bluelight glasses changed the game for me and the headaches I used to get after staring at a screen for so long. And my favorite pair has been the Hardwire Bluelights in tortoiseshell from Quay. Comfortable, light, and such a great look! If she deals with a lot of screen time? This is a great gift idea that she will love!

03: Gigi Pip Zephyr Rancher

I am a total hat girl, but I have the worst luck finding ones that fit my head outside of adjustable baseball caps. Between thick hair and heck, maybe even a thick head, no hats ever fit without giving me an actual headache and leaving a red mark across my forehead. I have had my eye on a GigiPip hat for some time because the best part of the brand is that they offer larger hat sizing! I might just have to make sure the Bearded Gent sees this post because I think it’s time. One of my favorite looks from Gigi Pip is The Zephyr Rancher, but practically every one of their hats is a great pick.

04: Dry Body Brush

*A great stocking stuffer! Dry brushing has so many incredible benefits and a habit that many are sharing about in the wellness arena. This is a brush I have gifted before and is a great budget-friendly idea and something your loved one will love adding to her daily self-care routine!

05: Poppyseed Lip Scrub

*A great stocking stuffer! A lip scrub in the winter is kind of a must. This poppyseed lip scrub is one that I have used exclusively for several years now. I love that it not only keeps my lips looking great throughout all the seasons, but the ingredients are completely natural too!

06: Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer

Every gal deserves that one thing to look forward to as part of her daily wind-down routine and for me? The Aira Facial Steamer is it. It’s not only sleek and pretty, but easy to use and is a game changer when it comes to skincare. The hot steam helps to clear pores and open them up. This means that the serums and skincare products applied after are able to penetrate deeper into the skin to make the biggest difference. 

07: Made by Mary Choker

I am a sucker for simplicity when it comes to the jewelry I wear. Love a more minimalistic look as well as higher quality so it lasts. I have loved the Made by Mary brand for a long time now and their Poppy Choker Necklace one that I have had my eye on. This would make such a beautiful gift!

08: New Balance Sneakers

Fresh, crisp sneakers are one of my favorite things. I think they can elevate a casual outfit, but also amp up the comfort volume which I can never resist. The New Balance brand is one that I love both for the quality as well as the style options available. These black ones are on my list! Perfect to pair with leggings and a hoodie or with jeans and a white t-shirt.

09: Lumebox Red Light

This is a bigger item I would love to get, but such an intentional one. Red light therapy is something that can be so beneficial in many ways – from healthier skin to reducing inflammation and so much more. The Lumebox was created by Dr.Viv – a conventional MD turned integrative health practitioner after going through her own health experiences and seeing the lack of root cause approach within the medical community. She created the Lumebox as a tool to aid those in their health and wellness journies. I absolutely love the design of it and how convenient it is. *Note: Even though they just sold out of current stock last week, I had to include it in this gift guide still. It’s just too good! Keep an eye out for a restock and fingers crossed it’s in time for Christmas!

10: Universal Thread Argyle Socks

*A great stocking stuffer! This time of year and with all of the boot-wearing going on, I love collecting some new socks for the season. And Target has the best designs and options right now! These argyle ones I grabbed for myself would make a great addition to her stocking!

11: Sigma Makeup Brushes

Is there anything better than the feeling of brand-new makeup brushes? If you know, you know. And makeup brushes seem to be that thing that we never replace when we should. Her skin will thank you for this one! The Sigma brand comes highly recommended and has great reviews! This set comes with seven brushes total and includes a gorgeous brush cup!

12: Dime Beauty Perfume

I value clean ingredients and non-toxic beauty options. Dime has a handful of gorgeous perfumes available and the best part? They are clean ingredients (with a 1 and 2 rating from EWG) and are also cruelty-free and made in the USA. This is a fantastic gift she will love and appreciate!

13: Lucky Brand Fair Isle Coatigan

Sweater weather calls for new sweaters in the closet, right? Lucky Brand is one that I will always shop and this “coatigan” is fantastic! I can never resist a good Fair Isle print. This one is on my own list – so cozy!

14: Aria Diffuser

I speak from experience on this one. This diffuser is worth every penny. Not only do I get compliments anytime someone sees it (because, hello – it’s gorgeous), but this thing has been running daily in my home for three years now. If she already uses essential oils, she will love pumping them in this diffuser. But if she doesn’t yet have oils and has been wanting to give them a try, I suggest adding a bottle of Christmas Spirit with it!

15: Glossier Cloud Paint

*A great stocking stuffer! Grabbing this cheek tint from Glossier for myself as well because I have only heard wonderful things! An easy, breezy beauty product. Tons of shades to choose from and I love that it is fragrance and cruelty-free!


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I hope you find the perfect fit from the Holiday Gift Guide for Her! Stay tuned because every day from now until Wednesday, November 23rd of next week there will be a gift guide to help you out in your gifting endeavors this season! What are you adding to your cart?

Psst… Needing more ideas? Dive into curated favorites from my home and closet right here!

November 17, 2022


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