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Holiday gift guide & stocking stuffer inspiration for him this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for him and I hope you find something you would love to give or get this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

Can we all agree that shopping for the husbands is both the easiest and the hardest to do on the holiday list? I mean, on one hand, they are happy with anything they get. They are always the most low-maintenance ones and don’t ask for much. On the other, I feel like it’s easy to fall prey to gifting the same thing multiple times or using gifts to replace items that we have been begging for them to replace. Ha! Gotta love ’em! Anyway, the Holiday Gift Guide & Stocking Stuffers for Him is just below for you! I don’t want to brag, but I think it’s a pretty good one filled with options for every budget and things that any husband and Dad would love to get. Keep scrolling!

Holiday gift guide & stocking stuffer inspiration for him this holiday season! It's my 2022 gift guide for him and I hope you find something you would love to give or get this Christmas season! Be sure and catch the full Gift Guide Week over on!

01: Hilfiger Leather Belt

A more simple gift, but men can never have too many options to reach for in the closet, right? We love the Hilfiger brand in our home both for quality and durability. This one is a great, budget-friendly option that he will enjoy adding to his collection!

02: Electronic Level

This one is a great addition to his toolbox. Not only does it handle leveling, but it doubles as an angle gauge! Under $30 and a great gift idea for him.

03: 40 in 1 Tool Card

A great stocking stuffer! I adore unique and handy gifts like this one. Another, budget-friendly option too! Husbands and dads are known for being prepared and handling any situation that might come up. This tool card does 40 different things from tightening a screw to needing a ruler. Made in the USA and will fit right in his wallet or money clip.

04: Weston Backpack from Fossil

The Bearded Gent may work in an office, but he is definitely not the briefcase type. He loves the utility that a backpack provides, especially when out at a job site. If you have the same kind of guy at home, I love this leather one from Fossil. Classic and professional, but all the utility he wants in a bag for his work day. 

05: Duluth Trading Co. Jacket

For the guy that always seems to be on the warmer side, even in winter. I love the look of this jacket. The inside is lined with flannel to add a little extra warmth, but not too much. 

06: Dr.Squatch Soap

A great stocking stuffer! We love the Dr.Squatch brand in our home. Their deodorants are great too, but one of their soap bars in the stocking is the perfect addition. *Note: I keep an eye on ingredients in everything we buy, so if you do the same be aware that not all of their scents are created equal. Remember to use the EWG app to double-check, but their Alpine Sage scent is fantastic, clean, and our favorite!

07: Blackstone Grill

Have you looked into a flat-top grill yet? They are absolutely fantastic and we have been looking to get a Blackstone Grill for our home. This would make for such a great gift and one that he will love using over and over again!

08: Man Crate

I have shared about Man Crates in the past and I still love the unique approach they had to gift-giving. They have so many options to choose from so whether he enjoys grilling or likes his different jerkies, there is a crate that he will love busting open.

09: Car Diffuser

If your husband drives around in a work truck or is on the road a lot, the Viya car diffuser would make a great gift. The Bearded Gent relied on his a lot when working outside during the change of seasons especially. Running certain oils helped to alleviate allergy symptoms and also make sure his truck smelled nice every time he got into it. Simply add a bottle of Pine essential oil or Northern Lights Black Spruce for a more manly scent.

10: Ariat Boots

We love the Ariat brand for how long they last. And boots in our house always see a ton of wear and tear. These Ariat boots are on my shopping list for the Bearded Gent. High quality, comfortable, yet stylish!

12: Beard Comb

A great stocking stuffer! If you also have a bearded gent at home, he’s gotta have a great beard comb. This one is the perfect option to add to his stocking this year!

13: CBD Muscle Rub

Whether it’s from working hard, or from being in the gym, or playing a game of basketball, this muscle rub is a great one to make sure he has on hand for the next time he needs some relief!

14: Frank & Buck Tie

We are a bit particular about neckties in our house and Frank & Buck is the only brand we shop for basically. They have so many style options and the quality is fantastic. Not to mention, the Bearded Gent loves that they offer an “XL” size that keeps his ties to the traditional width. He claims his frame is too large to sport the skinny ones – ha! So our boys get the skinny ones while he gets the traditional version and I love that they can all match!

15: Dime Beauty Cologne

Yes, Dime Beauty offers a cologne that has the same clean ingredients that the one for her does, but masculine just for him. Kind of fantastic right?


Shop the Holiday Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers for Him:


*Note: To shop for every item, use the links above.

I hope you find the perfect fit from the Holiday Gift Guide for Him this year! Do you spy something he would love?

Stay tuned because coming up tomorrow is the Teen Gift Guides for Him and Her!

November 18, 2022


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