How to Document Magic in the Everyday Mundane

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Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

A little while ago I received a message from a follower friend on social media and she expressed how difficult she found taking pictures of her everyday was. She felt that their daily routine was the same without much change from day to day and it all centered around their home. She felt that taking pictures of the simple things would look exactly the same every time so finding the point was a bit exhausting. My first thought was, uh huh. I feel you. And I am sure so many of us feel the same way at times. I live an extremely simple life that centers around raising four, soon to be five, kiddos alongside my husband where we both work from home daily. We don’t take lavish vacations (heck, we can barely find the time for a proper date night these days) or find ourselves located in a place that gives a lot of variety. Desert is desert, you know? However, I can absolutely promise you that despite all of the above and despite how similar and possibly boring your everyday may seem at times as well as mine, it is possible to still find beautiful moments to capture. So I want to show you how to document magic in the everyday mundane. Stick with me for a moment…

I would ask that you take a step back. Look past the piles of mail on the countertop. Ignore the basket of toys tucked away in the corner. And even maybe smile at the pile of laundry waiting to be folded on the kitchen table. Think about the bigger picture. Think about the story. Think about what your children will cherish and want to look back on as adults. I promise you that they won’t remember how much money you spent on their backyard play set or that summer vacation. They won’t care to remember how much you filled their bedroom with the best decor or how great the table-scape was at Easter last year (however fun it may be for us moms). They will, however, remember you pushing them on the swing in the backyard and the way you laughed at hearing their giggles. They will remember the way Dad always let them sit on his shoulders while walking through the theme park. They’ll remember the bedtime stories you read to them each night in that bedroom and they will remember competing with their siblings on how many eggs each of them could find first.

For me, I’m documenting for both them as well as myself. When I am old and grey, sitting on the porch next to my love, I never want to forget the pure joy of motherhood. And I don’t want them to forget the pure joy of childhood. I don’t ever want to forget chasing freshly washed babes in fluffy white towels, giggling at the top of our lungs and trying not to slip on that tile floor.

Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

I never want to get the late nights spent on school projects and the way his tongue pressed against his bottom lip while concentrating. I wanted a photograph that would remind me about the those late night conversations and the quiet moment I took to watch him growing right in front of me.

Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

I never want to forget the simple Sunday mornings spent getting ready for church. And I never want them to forget the relationship they share and how it was to grow up with a sister.

Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

I never want to forget littles ones cuddled up in their beds on winter mornings, tiny toes and all. I never want them to forget the comfort that home was.

Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

I never want to forget how our home felt at Christmas time. Or those after-school conversations we enjoyed daily. And I never want them to forget moments like this with each other.

Documenting magic in the mundane | #Photography #PhotographyTips

I promise you, it’s there. Forget what might or might not be beautiful. Forget about your home being or not being picture perfect. Don’t discount the treasured moments that happen in the every day. Don’t discount the legacy that you and your family are creating in your home daily. Each and every part of it is beautiful. We must not forget that because it’s the story that we are left with at the end of it all. Mundane and all.

And yours is magic.


May 22, 2017


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